Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On the Recent Taxi and Jeep Fare Increase

Yesterday, I finally was in a taxi using the new flagdown rate of P40 with P3.50 increments travel in a certain distance. And I realized, I will never ride a taxi whenever possible. Why?

From our home in Guadalupe, Cebu City  to Velez College before the new taxi rates, the fare was around P55 to P60. What I paid yesterday? It was P89. That's about P30 increase from the usual. Wow! That's heavy in the pocket nowadays. And if every taxi now has the new rate, I think this would turn out to be a disadvantage for the taxi drivers. My projection will be that their middle-class passengers will decrease. The long lines in Ayala taxi loading bay will be shortened. The regular taxis in airports will also experience a shortage of passengers since the airport taxi rates will be like their rates especially those who are carrying heavy baggage.

Then there's the increase in jeepney fare to P7.50. I think I will still insist paying the P7.00. Why?

Because when the fare was P6.50. the drivers especially those plying Guadalupe are asking P7.00 not returning the P0.50 change of regular commuters paying P7.00. And with P7.50, they may be getting P8.00 now.

I hope the drivers will be fair this time or the rates should be set rounded off to the near peso. P0.50 is not that available.