Sunday, February 20, 2011

CBSi Three Years and Counting...

Cebu MD was filled with excitement yesterday to finally meet his Cebu Bloggers Society family. It was like Phil Younghusband finally meeting up with Angel Locsin. (char!)

Well, his fellow CBSi colleagues did not disappoint.

Who would want to leave the place with these smiling faces welcoming you like you're a client of PAGCOR?

But wait! Cebu MD was indeed in PAGCOR Casino Filipino Parkmall Satellite Branch yesterday (thanks to Mr. Renato Z. OsmeƱa, Jr, their manager) for the 3rd year anniversary of the Cebu Bloggers Society Incorporated or CBSi.

It's like CBSi owned the 2nd Floor Hall of the venue (for lack of a name of that hall we will call it like that). The room's color was orange which is CBSi's color exactly. And it turned out that CBSi was the first one to use the said room.

Then like a person booked for felony, Cebu MD's photograph was taken by Vince (a fellow rookie) against the orange wall background for his mugshot (for CBSi ID purposes).

It was an afternoon of fun, laughter and inspiration.

It was an honor meeting with these people. It's like Cebu MD, a neophyte superhero finally getting the chance to join the Justice League or the Avengers. Except that this neophyte is looking like Professor Xavier. (Can you not focus the camera on top of my head please. Thank you. Hehe.)

In the PAGCOR hall that day were gathered (from various origins and background), individuals who I see can really do lots of great things for the society in the future through the blogosphere. Cebu MD is proud to be amongst these SuperFriends!

Original photo above by Vince Delicano

Here are some scenes from yesterday's affair below:

See you next year for the 4th anniversary guys!

Special mention goes to Holister, Inc. for help in the overall set-up of the venue.

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