Monday, October 25, 2010

The Best Liempo in Cebu City

Doctors are always on the lookout for great tasting food and that includes grilled pork belly or "liempo". (Just don't eat these types of food on a daily basis.)

Different kinds of "liempohan" stalls selling grilled pork belly have been sprouting everywhere in Cebu City in recent times.

There's franchise A, K, M and the local grilled chicken "lechon manok" stalls which also sell grilled pork belly. But nothing compares to "Balamban Liempo" with branches in Talamban and the nearest that I know of -- near Capitol and NBI.

Before, the best for me was the pork belly grilled by stall K but once I tasted Balamban Liempo, I immediately concluded that the latter was the best in town.

"Tastier than Lechon" is the stores slogan and what makes it indeed tasty is its blend of spices including "tanglad" which is visble in its meat.

From the smell alone, you can be sure it's tasty. Let me repeat though, don't eat this on a daily basis.

Compared to its competitors, it does not appear as very oily and fatty. The meat is soft. The skin, just enough crunch.

The price is much expensive than the other brands. One order is currently P175 compared to the others' P140-P150. But the serving is bigger and worth the price.

The branch particularly located between the Provincial Capitol Building and NBI office does not serve only "liempo" as seen from the menu below.

We tried their "pochero" and considering the price, it is okay.

I therefore recommend this. Just make sure you have your cholesterol in check.