Sunday, December 16, 2012

OC SKYcable now also available for Cebu subscribers

Wondered why your favorite Skycable channels seem to be missing in their usual number assignments? Well it's not really a bad thing according to SKYcable officials because now the reassignment of channel designations is for a greater good.  It's like a new library classification. This actually started December 3 and was formally launched December 11 at Ipar's Restaurant in Ramos St., Cebu City.

Channels are arranged by genre and in increments of 100 so that the intention is for you to have a better idea where your fave channels are and it will be easier to look for them or better, memorize them. This is what SKYcable calls Organized Channels (OC) which is now also available in Cebu with the intention of implementing it nationwide so that the channels are the same in all places served by SKYcable.

  • Channels 1-100 is for local channels. It is where you can find ABS CBN (2), TV5 (4), GMA (5), RC TV (34), Cebu Tourist Channel (35), etc.
  • 101-200 is for Kids like Disney Channel (101), Cartoon Network (104) and Nickelodeon (105).
  • 201-300 is for Education and Learning with channels like National Geographic.
  • 301-400 goes to Sports. Basketball TV (302) for example can be found here.
  • 401-500 is for Movie channels like HBO and Cinema One.
  • 501-600 is for News.
  • 601-700 is for Entertainment and Lifestyle.
  • 701-800 is where High definition channels are assigned.
  • 801-900 is for International channels.
  • 901-999 is for Religious channels.
The Organized Channels also is believed to make the adding of channel subscriptions easier without affecting the current channel assignments.

Together with the OC launch, SKYcable HD also added six new HD channels (CNN HD, Food Network HD, Sundance HD, Cinemaworld HD, HBO Signature HD and HBO Family HD) for a total of 22 full HD channels, said to be the most number of HD channels offered by a digital cable provider today.

For more information, visit or call their customer service hotline at 345-2278.