Saturday, December 8, 2012

Island Rescue Organization, where animals always have a home

You may have heard about Kenneth, a young dog who apparently had his snout hacked by a cruel owner or person. Somehow there are still some people who are cruel to animals, particularly dogs when in fact, they are so loyal that they are considered man's best friend.

Cebu and dogs here in Cebu are very lucky to have IRO or Island Rescue Organization who has among its mission to promote responsible pet ownership, the humane treatment of all animals and the rescue of abandoned, neglected and tortured animals.

IRO has established the first no kill sanctuary in Cebu having a rescue center in Danao for aspins (Asong Pinoys) and another one in the "bukid" for pitbull fighting syndicate survivors. All of these dogs were once emaciated, malnourished and sick and now they are all happier and relatively healthier dogs. So far they have 48 aspin rescues and 51 pitbull rescues -- all for the love of animals.

Now dogs and even cats have a reliable ally. With IRO, maltreated dogs like Kenneth will always have a home. And indeed Kenneth was able to get help through IRO. Now Kenneth is looking good with his snout already reattached.

IRO has really helped a lot already. But IRO cannot do it alone. They need our help with the needs of the rescued dogs like medicine, food and checkups.

You can help through several means:

  • Donate thru paypal using or through their website which has a Paypal button.
  • Adopt. Pictures of the animals are in their facebook at
  • You can also participate in their activities like Petshows, pet vaccinations, etc.
  • You can help introduce IRO to other people using your blogs.
  • You can call IRO if you see abandoned dogs in the streets
You may also read some of the stories of their rescued dogs here in an article I wrote for Yahoo Cebu Kini blog.

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