Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cebu City Marriott Hotel supports celebration of CBSi's 7th year

Happy #CBSi7 anniversary my beloved Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. (CBSi)!

The evening after the Day of Hearts, CBSi, (as the number 7 suggests) is lucky to have Cebu City Marriott Hotel as the venue for their 7th year celebration, a fitting venue for such an accomplishment. 7 years says a lot about CBSi, the original and premier blogging organization originating in Cebu with a current roster of bloggers who are among the most respected in social media and their respective blogging niches in the country from its humble beginnings within a Yahoo group. The longevity is a testament to CBSi's professionalism and good reputation which allows it and its members to be continually tapped by the community of food makers, tourism, businessmen and social advocates for its various campaigns and causes. For example, CBSi is among the first partners for the 1st Healthcare Social Media Summit in the Philippines.

CBSi remains committed to help especially in the promotion of Cebu to the world as well as other advocacies without expecting anything in return. And of course CBSi keeps the fire burning in blogging not for monetary gain but for genuinely sharing information that will benefit their respective readers during their next travel destination, next book, next food trip, etc.

Like the Marriott Hotel, it continues to stand tall as a symbol of Cebuano pride in this part of the globe.