Friday, February 24, 2012

A first: Globe brings a Cebu-based Visayan customer service

I heard of stories of some Visayan customers who hesitated to call the customer service hotline for "fear" of speaking in English. 

It is expected that people when having concerns are more comfortable telling his concern to the person he is most comfortable with (his kababayan) and in the language that he usually speaks.

Therefore this move by Globe to partner with Aegis People Support in providing a Cebu-based contact center dedicated to Visayan-speaking customers is a very good idea that will be beneficial for both Globe and its customers.

Visayan-speaking customers will now have access to Globe/TM sales and after-sales services through a dedicated Visayan Interactive Voice Response System. By following the self-service voice prompts (in Visayan), callers are directed to a Visayan-speaking customer service representative based in Cebu.

This blogger witnessed an actual call to a Visayan-speaking customer service representative during the launching of this service last February 22 at the San Cristobal II Room, Radisson Blu Hotel. Cebu City.

"Maayong Buntag", will now be a common phrase that will greet these customers as they try to communicate their concerns or inquire about any Globe mobile, Landline or Boroadband services for sales, care or tech matters to Globe's Visayan-speaking customer service representative on the other side of the phone.

In addition, there are now Globe Talk2Globe channels including 24/7 chat service available on the Globe website or via Yahoo Messenger by adding "Talk2GLOBECHAT" as your YM buddy. There is also Globe's *143# easy-to-use quick service menu that allow subscribers access to the latest information on Globe promos in their cellphones.

So Globe users, you can try these services for yourself or spread the word to your friends.