Thursday, September 9, 2010

CIM alumnus William Larida needs your support

Dr. William Larida, an alumnus of Cebu Institute of Medicine who finished training in Cebu Velez General Hospital's Family and Preventive Medicine training program is recovering from Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) and still needs your support.

Sometime last August, he was admitted in the ICU of Chong Hua Hospital and received IVIg which we know is very expensive. Thankfully, the response was good.

However, full recovery will take time. He may be out of the ICU but GBS has left him unable to resume work yet. He is expected to undergo physical therapy for some time.

William is a fellow alumnus who helped me before in my thesis. This is the least I could do for him right now.

For those interested to give support of any kind or any financial help, just contact Dr. Florence Malou Watin-Siao or Dr. Nanette Noel-Odilao by sending them a message on facebook. These two have been working hard to get help for their batchmate especially during the critical times when Dr. Larida was in the ICU.

God bless!

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