Sunday, December 16, 2012

OC SKYcable now also available for Cebu subscribers

Wondered why your favorite Skycable channels seem to be missing in their usual number assignments? Well it's not really a bad thing according to SKYcable officials because now the reassignment of channel designations is for a greater good.  It's like a new library classification. This actually started December 3 and was formally launched December 11 at Ipar's Restaurant in Ramos St., Cebu City.

Channels are arranged by genre and in increments of 100 so that the intention is for you to have a better idea where your fave channels are and it will be easier to look for them or better, memorize them. This is what SKYcable calls Organized Channels (OC) which is now also available in Cebu with the intention of implementing it nationwide so that the channels are the same in all places served by SKYcable.

  • Channels 1-100 is for local channels. It is where you can find ABS CBN (2), TV5 (4), GMA (5), RC TV (34), Cebu Tourist Channel (35), etc.
  • 101-200 is for Kids like Disney Channel (101), Cartoon Network (104) and Nickelodeon (105).
  • 201-300 is for Education and Learning with channels like National Geographic.
  • 301-400 goes to Sports. Basketball TV (302) for example can be found here.
  • 401-500 is for Movie channels like HBO and Cinema One.
  • 501-600 is for News.
  • 601-700 is for Entertainment and Lifestyle.
  • 701-800 is where High definition channels are assigned.
  • 801-900 is for International channels.
  • 901-999 is for Religious channels.
The Organized Channels also is believed to make the adding of channel subscriptions easier without affecting the current channel assignments.

Together with the OC launch, SKYcable HD also added six new HD channels (CNN HD, Food Network HD, Sundance HD, Cinemaworld HD, HBO Signature HD and HBO Family HD) for a total of 22 full HD channels, said to be the most number of HD channels offered by a digital cable provider today.

For more information, visit or call their customer service hotline at 345-2278.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

International Justice Mission: Ensuring Public Justice Especially for the Poor

You see it every day in the news...exploited children, human trafficking, young women or even girls exploited in the commercial sex industry...often they are poor, seemingly helpless without anyone to turn to for help.

But I learned that there is actually a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of sexual exploitation, slavery and other forms of violent oppression. This agency is the International Justice Mission (IJM) and they have people in Cebu also. IJM people work with local officials to ensure immediate victim rescue and aftercare, prosecution of perpetrators and the promotion of functioning public justice systems.

They have already rescued hundreds of trafficking victims and charged more than a hundred suspected traffickers in Metro Cebu. Talking of IJM Philippines nationwide, convictions number to about 42.

As a result of their Project Lantern, there was an increase in law enforcement activity in sex trafficking cases and an increase in the commitment to resolving such cases. There was also an increase in support services such as sheltering, career training and counseling for the victims.

But IJM still needs our help especially with supporting the victims. For example you can help send a client of theirs to school or you can help by providing start-up capital for business to help the client integrated back to the society to start anew and get him or her going.

IJM is also looking for student advocates who share the same passion as them towards this advocacy. They welcome students who plan to start a justice advocates students organization in school.

You may contact IJM Cebu in this number: 256-2866 or email them at You can follow them at twitter where they are using the handle @IJMHQ

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Island Rescue Organization, where animals always have a home

You may have heard about Kenneth, a young dog who apparently had his snout hacked by a cruel owner or person. Somehow there are still some people who are cruel to animals, particularly dogs when in fact, they are so loyal that they are considered man's best friend.

Cebu and dogs here in Cebu are very lucky to have IRO or Island Rescue Organization who has among its mission to promote responsible pet ownership, the humane treatment of all animals and the rescue of abandoned, neglected and tortured animals.

IRO has established the first no kill sanctuary in Cebu having a rescue center in Danao for aspins (Asong Pinoys) and another one in the "bukid" for pitbull fighting syndicate survivors. All of these dogs were once emaciated, malnourished and sick and now they are all happier and relatively healthier dogs. So far they have 48 aspin rescues and 51 pitbull rescues -- all for the love of animals.

Now dogs and even cats have a reliable ally. With IRO, maltreated dogs like Kenneth will always have a home. And indeed Kenneth was able to get help through IRO. Now Kenneth is looking good with his snout already reattached.

IRO has really helped a lot already. But IRO cannot do it alone. They need our help with the needs of the rescued dogs like medicine, food and checkups.

You can help through several means:

  • Donate thru paypal using or through their website which has a Paypal button.
  • Adopt. Pictures of the animals are in their facebook at
  • You can also participate in their activities like Petshows, pet vaccinations, etc.
  • You can help introduce IRO to other people using your blogs.
  • You can call IRO if you see abandoned dogs in the streets
You may also read some of the stories of their rescued dogs here in an article I wrote for Yahoo Cebu Kini blog.

Worldblogathon is brought to you by Cebu Bloggers Society, Smart and Andy Hotel.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wish for Santa: New HTC One X+ and HTC Windows Phone 8X

December...Christmas is in the air...We are free to dream right? So I have one request for Santa being a good boy this year. Can I have one of these two HTC phones?

Looking at the best lists for cellphones in various websites, there is always an HTC smartphone included. So you could just examine how much excitement I felt knowing there's a new set of HTC phones to be launched here in Cebu, Philippines.

Introducing....HTC One X+ which runs the HTC sense on the Android Jelly Bean. If HTC One is already amazing, wait till you get your hands on this upgrade. In summary, this new model offers super fast browsing, an even better camera and very immersive nice studio quality sounds due to BeatsAudio.

The processor: 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 AP37 processor. The battery: 2100 mAh battery which offers extended performance. Internal storage: 64GB plus 25 GB Dropbox storage free for 2 years. These are just some of the important features of this cellphone. Imagine owning the HTC One X+ below...
The HTC One X+ is available in the Philippines in Stealth Black and Polar White with a suggested retail price of Php 32,800.

Let us go to the next equally awesome phone --- HTC's first signature Windows Phone in the Philippines, the HTC Windows Phone X. (Refer to pic of phone below).
This phone is available in California Blue and Graphite Black in a premium matte finish. With its features, this Windows phone's look can be customized according to your personal preference making it perhaps the most personal phone you may have. It has Live Tiles and Live Apps. The apps have certification assuring security.

Some of the nice things about this phone?

  • You can push notifications without the need of opening the app.
  • It has a Kid's Corner so you won't fear having your confidential files and emails being deleted unintentionally by your children as they borrow your phone and will play with it.
  • It has Rooms wherein you can share things with your friends or contacts for collaboration. Calendars can even be shared to coordinate the family members' schedule. 
  • I has People Hub, a modern contact list to enable the user to look at one stream, eliminating the need to go to a particular app.
  • It has Skydrive for storage.
  • There is an Office hub wherein Word files, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote can be obtained, access, edit and share for free -- the perfect companion to Windows 8 computers or laptops.
  • It enables you to use your Xbox live profile which will follow you anywhere not just in your Xbox console.
  • Itunes can be played here.
  • The pics taken are incredible even those taken with a front cam because it does not just capture your face but also the background.
  • There is a Flashlight app for brownouts.
  • It adapts -- when in the pocket, the ringtone may become louder.
  • The sound is incredible with BeatsAudio
  • The screen is a 4.3" HD-resolution LCD2 screen with lightweight Gorilla Glass 2 with an optical lamination that reduces reflections and glare.
Need I say more? There are other features which makes this phone quietly brilliant indeed. So hurry buy one now for me at a suggested retail price of Php 28,800.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Digital Influencers Marketing Summit in Cebu this November 24

Do you aspire to become an influencer or recognized brand advocate? Are you an entrepreneur, marketer or advertiser based in Cebu who want to get insights on working with influencers and brand advocates?  You are one lucky dude because #dim2012 or the Digital Influencers Marketing (DIM) Summit will come to Cebu to provide you just that.

A Digital Influencers Marketing Summit will be held on November 24, 2012 in SM Cebu Conference Room AB thanks to with the help of major sponsor Elance, a site that allows people to hire freelancers and find freelance jobs instantly.

Check these certified influential personalities who will be present during the summit in the poster below:

Below is the agenda or program of activities that day:

9:30 – 10:00 Registration
10:15 – 11:15 Bloggers as Influencers and Brand Advocates
(Speaker: Fleire Castro and to be joined by panelists: Kevin Ray Chua and Rabsin De La Cruz)
11:15- 11:45 Keynote Talk: Case Study
(Speaker: Orville H. Tadle)
11:45 – Raffle
12:00 – 1:00 BREAK
1:15 – 2:00 Hitting Page 1: How Influencers and Brand Advocates are Shaping Search Engine Results
(Speaker: Ruben Licera Jr. and panelist: Tof Salcedo)
2:00 – 2:30 Blogging and Social Media Influence in the 2013 Elections
(Speaker: Janette Toral)
Participants are given the opportunity to give a 3-minute pitch for a project or advocacy that they are into.
2:45 – 3:30 Building Relationship with Influencers and Brand Advocates(Speakers / Panel: Elisa Escobar, Azalea Residences and Richard Eldridge, Lenddo)

3:30 – 4:30 The Influencer Transformation(Speakers / Panel: Ben FranciaKhoa Bui, and Alan Choachuy)

4: 30 Introducing the Digital Influencers Community / RAFFLE

So which topic do you look forward to the most?.......

Actually for me, all the topics are relevant.

The cost of attending the summit? PHP 7,000? Nope. 

It is just PHP 1,000! The admission fee is made as such to generate awareness to more advertisers, marketers and entrepreneurs. Sulit! The registration fee already covers a conference kit and certificate (for those who will be present from start to finish). Food is not included.

It is not a common occurrence to have this particular summit in Cebu at this affordable cost. So REGISTER NOW for DIM2012 or the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu 2012.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dogan's cafe, Fitness through active video games

The usual video or computer games confines the gamer to his seat for hours and calories are not burned. Not good for health, right? Well, one can still have the fun of playing video games and burn calories at the same time.

Enter... Active video games with the likes of video games played through XBOX Kinect technology. And there is actually a "gym" in Cebu which uses the XBOX Kinect instead of gym equipment. Instead of aerobics and zumba sessions, this fitness studio holds Dance Central, Dragonball Kinect and Fruit Ninja Kinect sessions with an instructor/videogame coach.

Dogan's cafe (Photo courtesy of Mr. John Alindogan)
The fitness studio I'm talking about is Dogan Cafe Videogame Fitness Studio located at the Persimmon Plus in Mabolo, Cebu City. It is open Mondays to Saturdays from 1 pm to 9 pm and reservations can be made by calling this number 09153047476.

Below are the regular rates:

  • All access per day - P250
  • All access per week - P500
  • All access per month - P2000

It is Dogan Cafe's vision to produce active cyberathletes competing against other active gamers from anywhere in the globe. And so aside from catering to kids, friends and families who are using the Kinect for fun, Dogan's cafe is also encouraging customers to be serious cyberathletes improving their skills and scores each time they visit.

Dogan's cafe holds Dance Central mini-tournaments every Saturday, as well as the Dance Central Party held at the Persimmon outdoor activity grounds every Saturday and Sunday night, 7 pm to 11 pm. The Dance Central Party is open to everyone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lapu-Lapu Youth volunteers join Online Newsroom Workshop

Lapu-Lapu City is one of the cities in Cebu which is in the forefront of social media and internet use. To recall, the Lapu-Lapu mayor had her State of the City address livestreamed for netizens. The city has also been tapping social media for tourism. And now this idea of having youth volunteers come aboard in "inculcating a culture of tourism and excellence in the digital age" through online means.

Over 100 youth volunteers composed of campus journalists from different schools in the said city as well as members of the Sanguniang Kabataan (SK) joined the first Online Newsroom Workshop held at the Lapu-Lapu City Sports Complex last October 7. The workshop was given by blogger-journalist Max Limpag, co-founder of Innopub and ably supported by SK Federation president Nicole Balao, the office of the city mayor (as organizer) and the local Department of Education (DepEd).

Lapu-Lapu City mayor Paz Radaza bared that she is partnering with the youth to spread the good news about the city of Lapu-Lapu to the world. In her speech during the activity, Radaza said, ""your innate ability to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram can catapult our city to heights never imagined before". According to the mayor, the activity was history in the making since the city

is "the only LGU that has harnessed the youth on two very strategic front - tourism and the world wide web".

Excellent idea Lapu-Lapu City!

Since the youth volunteers are really into social media, perhaps the next activity the office of the city mayor should organize is a talk on Responsible Use of Social Media which I am willing to give  since it is my advocacy.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reformulated Rexidol Forte Launched in Cebu

Rexidol Forte is back. Instead of the 600 mg Paracetamol formulation, it has become a reformulated 500 mg Paracetamol and 65 mg Caffeine fever and pain medication which comes at an affordable price of less than 4 pesos.

The reformulated Rexidol Forte of Unilab Consumer Health was launched last September 27, 2012 in front of mainstream and new media at the Parklane Hotel Diane Hall. It was graced by Rexidol Forte ambassador and media personality Bobby "Super Bobby" Nalzaro who talked about his personal experience with Rexidol Forte.

Product representatives of Rexidol Forte stressed that unlike other Paracetamol preparations with caffeine, Rexidol Forte is safer because it has no propyphenazone. People taking medications with propyphenazone according to them have higher odds for anaphylactic (severe allergic) reactions than those taking medications without propyphenazone.

In addition, the caffeine in Rexidol Forte (which is lesser than 6 oz of brewed coffee and within the range of 1 cup of instant coffee) is claimed to increase the absorption of Paracetamol thereby "unleashing Paracetamol" and its pain-relieving effects. This reportedly make Rexidol Forte a recommended medication for the relief of severe headache (Labad sa Ulo), fever (Hilanat), extreme body pain (Pamaol) and "bughat".

Those taking Rexidol Forte are advised to refrain from taking caffeine-containing beverages, drinks or food while on Rexidol Forte.

Expect to see Rexidol Forte already reformulated in your favorite drugstores soon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pistahang Cebuana - Pasasalamat Concert with Sarah Geronimo in Cebu

24K cardholders of Cebuana Lhuillier in Cebu have more reason to celebrate the 25th year anniversary of their favorite pawnshop because joining them is no less than Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo, the face of Cebuano Lhuillier. Other celebrities may also be present with Sarah G along with Cebuana Lhuillier executives.

This event is dubbed Pistahang Cebuana and it will be on September 14, 2012, 6:30PM at the Cebu Coliseum. 24K cardholders, you can go to your nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch for more details and confirm your attendance.

Expect an entertaining evening of music that will surely be unforgettable.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Convention on Healthy Aging in Cebu

In celebration of the Senior Citizens Month, the Golden Center of Cebu Inc. (GCCI) will be holding a two-day convention with the theme “Healthy Aging & Its Issues” on October 2 & 3, 2012 at the Grand Convention Center of Cebu. This will also serve as part of the organization’s tenth founding anniversary celebration.
Topics of human interest include the following: Skin Care At Sunset; Policies In Aging & Retirement; All Aboard To Gerontology; Towards A Barrier-Free Environment; Hypertension In The Elderly; Comfort Food For The Elderly; Chiropractic For You & Me; The Agony of Alzheimer’s Disease; Sleep Disorder In The Elderly: Early To Bed, Early To Rise,among others.
There will be two luncheon symposia topics: Day 1 will be on Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell in Neurodegenerative Diseases & Aesthetics Application Treatment; and Day 2 will feature an Inter-cities Sharing of Best Practices n the Elderly Program from the cities of Makati, Tacloban, Davao, Talisay, Mandaue and Cebu.
This event will be a gathering of multisectoral associations of doctors, nurses, midwives, nutritionists, educators, and other allied medical sciences, students and members of NGOs, various civic and government agencies, etc., all working together towards the improvement of the quality of life for the special members of every Filipino community which are the aging, the aged, the elders and the elderly.
For inquiries, you may contact: Dr. Edwin Menguito (0917-438-5370) or Dr. David Gaviola (0917-546-4584).

Above article is a guest post by Dr. Henry Yu.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Starmobile FeatureSmart T601i Review by an Ordinary Cellphone User

I got the chance to try the first of a series of mobile phones that incorporates the best features of a smartphone but is not exactly a smartphone -- the Smartmobile FeatureSmart T601i which comes at an affordable price of P3,290. And didn't I mention? It's dual-sim capable, perfect especially for the Filipino user.

Box showing the features of the unit

The view from the top

Below are photos which show how it looks like from different angles and gives you an idea of what it is made off.
Anterior part of the unit with the port for the charger (center), power on button (left), ear phone port (right)

caudal portion with the home button (center), back button (right)

Back view showing the built-in 3.2 MP camera and TV antenna (lower right hand corner)
When you power on, this is how the screen would look like...
This unit is touchscreen, specifically a responsive 3.5" capacitive touchscreen type and I am satisfied with how it responds. Tapping the Main Menu will give you this...
This shows it has wireless connectivity and features resembling a smartphone

Notice Facebook, Twitter, Inquirer, JobMarket, YM?
I was able to use the wifi connectivity of this unit. Opera mobile is its built-in browser. The App store has limited number of apps though and the games do not have the superior graphics of smartphones.

Now let's the TV.

Mobile TV works with the local TV channels. Good!

Of course it has FM radio also.

For a dual-sim capable phone with smartphone features, it may not satisfy the "advanced" users but it is definitely suited for the ordinary user who wants to try the more expensive smartphone but could not afford to buy one.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Starmobile: making Cebu and Filipinos more happy

Mobile phones particularly smartphones are quite pricey but more and more people wish to get one.

Enter a new player in the mobile phones industry ---Starmobile! A star is born!

Starmobile, a local maker of quality dual SIM mobile phones is now in Cebu offering to Cebuanos among other cellphone models, a mobile phone with the features of a smartphone but the price of an ordinary cellular phone. We know that many Filipinos carry more than one cellular number so a phone with dual SIM card capability is something many customers would want.

Carrying the Starmobile line currently is the new FeatureSmart T601i, the first of a series of mobile phones that incorporates the best features of a smartphone at an affordable price of P3,290. side from the dual sim capabilities, it has Wifi connectivity, Mobile TV, a 3.2 MP camera, built-in access to Facebook, Twitter and internet browsing via Opera Mobile. The screen is a responsive 3.5" capacitive touchscreen type, just like other smartphones.

Starmobile President Michael Chen talks about Starmobile being more than just a maker of mobile phones. "It is our vision to be the Filipinos' partner in jumpstarting dreams and aspirations." Having this type of phones is a dream come true for Cebuanos.

Starmobile also offers the first and only mobile phone with built-in Bluetooth headset in the Jupiter B305 which is perfect for people who are always on the go and is multitasking. Also with dual SIM capabilities, the Jupiter's design enables the wireless headset to slip onto its back.And the price? Just P2,990.

But there is more to come. Like a tablet coming soon with a relatively less expensive price of around 5,000 to 6,000 pesos. No wonder Vice Ganda is happy to endorse Starmobile to other Filipinos and so are Cebuanos who attended the Starmobile launch last July 28, 2012 at the Maya Taqueria and Tequila Lounge, Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City.

"Vice Ganda represents the Pinoy Dreamer who is at the heart of the Starmobile's promising success story," says Consumer Marketing head Katrina Tioseco.

I am sure many Cebuanos and many Filipinos will be more happy that they have another available choice. Starmobile phones are available nationwide.

For more information, checkout, Happy Man by Starmobile and @happymanPH on Twitter.

Stay tune for the Starmobile phone review soon at

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Megaworld's The Mactan Newtown: A New Community Soon to Rise

Following in the footsteps of Eastwood City, a new township is slowly taking shape in Mactan which will surely be a busy hub for the years to come.

Megaworld Corporations brings the magic of Eastwood in Mactan to Cebuanos in the form of the Mactan Newtown.

The Mactan Newtown is a live-work-play township which will soon provide Lapu-lapu City residents a new venue for living comfortably, working amidst a fresh environment and at the same time enjoying the amenities of a resort as well as a fantastic view.

Ladies and gentleman...the Mactan Newtown...
On the background is One World Center which will house the biggest McDonald's outlet as well as BPO offices.

Mactan Newtown will be a special economic zone with a size almost the same as Eastwood City. It is expected to provide many jobs mostly to those living nearby who don't need to go Cebu City already for work.

As seen above, the area is huge! It will have One World Center, Two World Center, a mall, a wellness center, condominium and residential areas and a resort if I remember correctly.

It will have a PUJ loading and unloading area. Some more roads will be opened for accessibility to the rest of the island. Several activities will be lined up including a mango festival. By the way, fruit-bearing mango trees line the biggest road (Newtwon Boulevard) traversing the "new town".

Concerts and other entertainment activities are also in store with international as well as popular local artists to be invited keeping Mactan Newtown a very lively town.

In the next 5 years, around 14 buildings are expected to be built. Indeed it will be a bustling community I am sure many people are looking forward to be part of.

Friday, June 29, 2012

First Social Media Day Cebu this June 30, 2012

Social media has grown by leaps and bounds especially here in the Philippines where many Filipinos have accounts in different social networking sites and different social media platforms. Here in Cebu, bloggers have used social media to promote advocacies, educate and give information to their social networks.

It is therefore appropriate that social media has its own day in the calendar when people celebrate its presence and its various roles.

That day initiated by Mashable is June 30.

In Cebu, its first Social Media Day celebration will be spearheaded by the Cebu Bloggers Society Incorporated (CBSi) through an event that will also serve as a general assembly for CBSi members in Mactan Isla Resort.

Social Media Day Cebu  will be a day of fun and blogging literacy, of acquaintances and sharing stories about blogging and social media,” exclaimed Cebu Bloggers Society President Ruben Licera Jr.

It is a day where bloggers, social media practitioners, friends, acquaintances who benefited from social media meet to learn, interact, form partnerships and connect while having fun.

The event which is open to both members and nonmembers of Cebu Bloggers Society will be highlighted by a series of talks as indicated in this program. Topics include "Freelancing with Elance", "Ethics online and in the field", "Writing killer content for your blog" and "Increasing your online influence through social media networks."

You can refer here for lineup of speakers.

Registration is free for CBSi members and P500 for non-members whose registration is approved.

Interested parties can register through this link: CEBU SOCIAL MEDIA DAY Registration Form

Social Media Day Cebu  is made possible by the following organizations, sponsors and partners: Mactan Isla Resort , Cebu Tech Jobs , Pinoy Great Deals , Mozilla PhilippinesSun Cellular , Globe Tatt Awards , SMART CommunicationsPRWorks,Diamond Suites and Residences and  JYGonzales and Partners.
The organizers would also like to acknowledge its online media partners: TekWorx Mobile and Web ServicesThird Team Media, and RLCOMM International.
Its offline media campaign is made possible through Cebu Daily NewsFreeman, andSunstar Cebu.
For more information, feel free to send an email to

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cancercare: The Philippines' First Cancer Survivorship Care Program Now Open in Cebu

The time period after treatment is recognized as an important time for cancer patients where a lot of concerns arise. This period is known as cancer survivorship, the process of "living with, through and beyond cancer", a time of mixed emotions due to psychological, physical, relationship, financial, spiritual and work-related challenges.

Until now, there is no facility in the Philippines which offer cancer survivorship care program.

Thank God, here in Cebu there is Cancercare or Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Center located in Robinsons Cybergate 308-A (across Chong Hua Medical Center) which has a team of board-certified experts, the best in Cebu offering 15 comprehensive clinical sessions in one fully integrated care program led by Dr. Omid Etemadi, a former student of mine and one of CIM's top medical board placers who underwent training abroad in Integrative Medicine.

In the picture below are the team members with their area of expertise.

9 in-depth consults including follow-ups will be done in the consultation rooms as shown in the pic below:
There is another room like this for consults. The in-depth consults are comprised of:

  • Psychological care of the cancer patient and their families (1 hour consult).
  • Personalized diet and nutrition plan for the cancer patient (one 30-minute consult and 2 follow-ups)
  • Cancer co-morbidity mamnagement (one 30-minute consult and follow-up)
  • Evidence-based complementary medicine (one 30-minute consult)
  • Pain management and/or palliative care (one 30-minute consult and 1 follow-up).
There will be 6 comprehensive group sessions and lectures in this room:

The comprehensive group sessions and lectures are comprised of:
  • Cancer nutrition lecture (1 hour) - anti-cancer diet, how to manage cancer-related weight loss, meal augmentation and meal replacement, etc.
  • Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy Patient Education and Orientation (45 minutes) - understanding the different cancer treatments and how to manage side effects.
  • Evidence-based complementary medicine (1 hour) - understanding the safe usage and clinical benefits of phtonutrients.
  • Mind-body medicine (1 hour) - learn breathing and relaxation techniques and how to manage stress/anxiety to cancer and cancer treatment.
  • Pastoral care (1 hour) - group prayer session and Life spiritual session
  • Patient Navigation Service (15 minutes) - understanding Cancer Survivorship and benefits of a fully integrated cancer care program/system.
So if you know of a cancer patient in this important period of his life, why not send him to the capable hands of Cancercare? If I remember correctly, the entire package is less than eight thousand pesos (PHP 8,000).

For more information, call landline number +6332 520-8870 or visit Cancercare.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Appreciating our Past and the Little Things: Reflections on the Gabii sa Kabilin

May 25, Gabii sa Kabilin 2012.

I was running all evening as a participant of the QR Code Hunt, an "Amazing Race-like" competition. With smartphone in hand,  I took pictures of every designated heritage site and uploaded each with my tweet using the #gabiisakabilin proudly showing to the world the Cebuano's rich heritage.

It was nice and interesting to note that most of the teams were composed of young people. The youth were rediscovering the old using the new, acquainting themselves with the past, using technology.

As sweat was falling down my face during the race, it dawned on me that educating the community about their heritage was like the race I was running. We were trying to catch up with time before it was too late.

In a period where the youth seem to care more of what is trending in twitter than their heritage, it is important to act right away to reintroduce the community to their heritage and culture. The Gabii sa Kabilin (GSK) did just that thanks to the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) and its partners. The GSK is a good avenue for the Cebuanos to acquaint themselves with their rich past.

Aside from museum pieces and old newspaper clippings, the event showcased Cebuano food, song and dance, art pieces, and way of life all in a single night.

In one stop, I got the chance to try for myself how a poso (hanging rice) is being made. It was difficult for me to completely weave one poso wrapper.

In another stop at the Cebu City Museum, I got to see some beautiful paintings:

My QR Code Hunt teammate with one of the featured paintings
In the Halad Museum, I got to sing lines from the famous song "Matud Nila".

On the way to Fort San Pedro, I was able to re-experience riding the tartanilla. Not everyone gets to experience riding it nowadays.

I got to taste Cebuano food -- the bibingkas, the masareals, the lechon, etc.

GSK made me appreciate our heritage as well as the little things that we often ignore but are actually important. GSK made me recall my childhood.

So yes, now with GSK, I got to appreciate the poso which costs less than 5 pesos...Who would think making it requires considerable skill?

GSK made me appreciate our predecessors. Without them where would Cebuano society be?

GSK made me appreciate groups which try to preserve our Cebuano identity and heritage.

GSK will be a bigger event next year so that each participating institution should really coordinate with RAFI and come up way ahead of the GSK, their planned schedule outlining the activities in their respective venues so that visitors will be able to plan ahead their itinerary.

Maybe RAFI should consider also making GSK a whole day event maybe converting it into an "Adlaw sa Kabilin" (ASK) because the event has become so huge already and people would like to take time visiting each site.

This is an official entry to the 2012 Gabii sa Kabilin Blogging Contest.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bohol Wakefest 2012 on May 25 to June 25

Want to try a new sport? Why not wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing surface water sport which is a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing and involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. A wakeboarder can be pulled by a cable system or a boat.

You may ask, where in the Visayas can I ever do this? There's nothing of this sort here. Wrong.

There will be.

Because The Board Shop (a Singapore-based company, premium one-stop wake gear shop in Southeast Asia distributing premium brands such as O' Brien wakeboards) in cooperation with the local government unit of Pandanon Island, Bohol will bring to you, BOHOL WAKEFEST 2012!

Press conference for BOHOL WAKEFEST 2012
It's a first of its kind month-long wakeboarding event happening on May 25 to June 25, 2012 according to Michael Tan, General Mangare of the Board Shop. In addition, he mentioned that visitors will learn how to wakeboard there also. Rates will be P600 for half day use and P900 for whole day.

Wakeboarding enthusiasts and wakeboarder beginners don't need to go to Luzon, CamSur or somewhere else outside the region to experience the thrill of wakeboarding. It is because a Sesitec System 2.0 will be installed in beautiful Pandanon Island for that good combination of beach lifestyle and watersports in a magnificent white sand island. Certainly this will a boost to local tourism as foreigners and local tourists will flock to the island.

To top it off, there will be a Wake Jam wherein wakeboarders and wakeskaters from all over Asia and the Philippines will be showing off their skills with a demo. This will be on the 9th of June.

Pandanon Island by the way, is found in the northern part of Bohol and one of Getafe, Bohol's baranggays. It is 70 to 80 minutes away from Mactan Island, Cebu and 20 to 30 minutes away from Getafe, Bohol.

Organizers are still working on packages that will include boat transfers to Getafe or possibly direct to Pandanon Island from Lapulapu.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Cebu's first look at the Sony Xperia S

Cebu MD was there during the launching of Sony's latest flagship smartphone, the Xperia S (not anymore Sony Ericsson but just Sony) at the Radisson Blu hotel last April 26, 2012. It was revealed there that Sony would have a special exhibition.

The exhibit is currently at the 2/F of Cyberzone at SM Cebu until May 2, 2012. In the exhibit, visitors will be able to experience the stunning hi-defininition (HD) experience from the Xperia S, an Android smartphone with a 4.3-inch Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA engine.

Features you may be interested in:

  • 12-megapixel camera with Sony Exmor R - can take pictures in just 1,5 seconds from standby mode for the fastest capture of any scene. Ensures you won't miss a moment.
  • HD (120x720) resolution screen, as well as front (720p) and back (1080p) cameras for HD recording. I can imagine how clear it will be in Skype.
  • Capability to play games and share content from smartphone to a Sony TV, laptop or tablet. Isn't that amazing?
  • HD sharing through a WIRELESS DDLNA connection or HDMI cable to link Xperia S to the TV so you can watch right away any videos in the smartphone.
  • Bravia Sync to control Xperia S with the TV remote control.
  • NFC-enabled (near field communication) with 2 Xperia SmartTags. This allows consumers to load pre-set profiles or tasks for their Xperia S onto a tag which can be personalized easily. When a SmartTag is swiped, the phone switches to the pre-designated commands. For example, when you are inside your car, you can swipe your smartphone on an Xperia SmartTag to turn off the phone's WiFi, launch the GPS app or switch to silent mode.

Over the next two months, expect the release of the other Sony Xperia phones  from the Xperia NXT series. They are the Xperia U, Xperia P and the Xperia sola.

I am sure doctors will surely love these upcoming smartphones along with the Xperia S especially that many of them love photography, music and travel.

Other Xperia S exhibits all over the country include:
  • April 19-24 at the SM Megamall Bldg B upper ground floor
  • May 3-8 at SM Mall of Asia Main Mall (fronting Giordano)
  • May 10-15 at SM North Edsa 4th Floor Cyberzone
  • May 17-23 at SM Pampanga Cyberzone exhibit area.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pfizer and CIM partner to form Philippine Clinical Mycology Network

A group of health professionals, mostly medical technologists, gathered together for the first meeting of the Philippine Clinical Mycology Network which aims to promote the best practice in the fight against fungal infections. The event which started on this evening, April 20, at the Cebu Parklane Hotel, will continue tomorrow, April 21, 2012 at the Cebu Institute of Medicine.

Welcoming the delegates (which came from various parts of the country) in behalf of Dr. Josefina Poblete, President and Chair of the Board of Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) was CIM's College Secretary, Dr. Corazon Meneses.

Dr. Virginia Mesola, one of the primemovers of this collaborative CME Project of CIM and Pfizer, gave the course overview. Prior to the overview, she discussed the vision of the network which was to advocate "the best management practices in invasive fungal infections especially in the resource-limited setting". She likewise shared the group's history, mission and action plan.

Dr. Mitzi Marie Montebon Chua, the other thinktank of this undertaking gave a short lecture on the Epidemiology and Early Recognition of Candida Infections.

Mr. Jimson Pantojan was the Master of Ceremonies.

The project is set to continue tomorrow with introductory lectures on fungi, identification of mold and yeast colonies as well as sensitivity testing.

Awaiting the delegates also are laboratory sessions demonstrating mold colonies and slide culture as well as the identification of Candida species and Antifungal Susceptibility Tests.

The activity will be capped tomorrow with a lecture on the management of invasive fungal infections.

The other lecturers are: Dr. Narciso Tapia and Ms. Myldred Completo, RMT.

Assisting the delegates in the laboratory sessions are RMTs Lorenzo Lozano, Reynaldo Manzanares, Rachel Yu, Regie Sayson and the CIM Laboratory Staff and Faculty.

This scientific meeting is being made possible by Pfizer, makers of Diflucan (Fluconazole), Vfend (Voriconazole) and Eraxis (Anidulafungin) and the Cebu Institute of Medicine.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Successful Globe Run4Home 2012 in Cebu Experience

This is the first running event I participated in for charity. Four institutions providing homes to both people and endangered species were the designated beneficiaries and many people responded including families and their children. (The oldest participant was 77 years old and the youngest was 4 years old running in the 3K category.)

A day before the Run4Home, me and my wife attended the Skechers GoRun Running Essentials running clinic in Ayala Center Cebu with Ms. Michelle Estuar along with many other newbie runners.
There, she taught attendees the basics of running including the mid-foot strike, form, warm up exercises, stretching, recovery and many more. Experts were also present to help answer questions by attendees.

The Run4Home day itself, we woke up early at 4 AM. It was still dark when we were on our way to the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC), the event venue.

On the road leading to CICC, one could see that the route for running was closed to traffic ensuring a safe run.

In the CICC, more than 5 thousand people converged. The atmosphere was like that of a fiesta. Barkadas, families, office mates, executives, celebrities, soldiers in their sports attires, couples, and even children were present to support their chosen charities through their participation.

It was nice to see our friends from the media and various sponsors including Skechers Philippines.

The start of each race category is signaled by the fireworks that lit the sky. Warm up exercises were performed together at the starting point prior to the race with the aid of a fitness instructor.

Then our turn came. As beginners, we were in the 3K category together with (well....ehem) kids.

As a polycystic kidney disease (PKD) patient myself, I also did not know if I can manage a higher K so we decided to have a feel of the 3K first.

I had so much fun. I was taking pictures along the route.

Below is my photo in action (running only when the camera is pointed at me. hehe.)
I was making sure not to finish behind this kid below. (Pressure...whew!)
Drinking stations were positioned at approximately 1 to 1.5K intervals. Despite the presence of giant plastic bags for cup disposal, some runners (sad to say) threw their plastic cups on the road.

I finished the race within 30 minutes as my Facebook tracker indicated. Don't ask me the exact time details though. Hehe. See that big smile on my face? I DID IT!!!! (My wife finished ahead of me though....minutes ahead. At least not hours.)
At the finish line, I realized Gatorade and bananas really tasted so good after a race as I huff and puff.

Like the other participants, we proceeded to the Loot Bags section as a reward for finishing. The 21K finishers were beaming with their medals worn on their necks.

In the end, everybody went home winners. It was a victory for health, a victory for the beneficiaries since much needed help will be on the way for the victims of Sendong and the recent earthquake as well as the tarsiers of Bohol and the endangered animal and plant species.

For that I consider the Globe Run4Home a success. More events in Cebu like this please.

The overall results for males are found here

Results for females are in this link

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Net needs Good Blogs like the world needs good news also

A lot of blogs contain rants, complaints or ramblings. How refreshing it would be if we also get to read good blogs -- blogs that "can inspire others to do good and be something better."

Gadgets Magazine, Coca-cola, VSO Bahaginan and NWTF is searching for good blogs all over the country.

If you feel your blog or a friend's blog is a "good" blog with "...the potential to ignite ideas that can enhance our lives and impart some form of spiritual growth...and can ...inspire others to reach out, take the extra step and pave the way forward to improve the quality of life for a single individual, or the nation as a whole," then submit your blog post and join the Good Blog Awards

Text Blogs, Photo Blogs and Video Blogs are welcomed.

For a change, share the world these good blogs. Instead of just complain, be part of the solution and inspire others.

Submit your blog now and follow the GoodBlog Awards at Facebook.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A first: Globe brings a Cebu-based Visayan customer service

I heard of stories of some Visayan customers who hesitated to call the customer service hotline for "fear" of speaking in English. 

It is expected that people when having concerns are more comfortable telling his concern to the person he is most comfortable with (his kababayan) and in the language that he usually speaks.

Therefore this move by Globe to partner with Aegis People Support in providing a Cebu-based contact center dedicated to Visayan-speaking customers is a very good idea that will be beneficial for both Globe and its customers.

Visayan-speaking customers will now have access to Globe/TM sales and after-sales services through a dedicated Visayan Interactive Voice Response System. By following the self-service voice prompts (in Visayan), callers are directed to a Visayan-speaking customer service representative based in Cebu.

This blogger witnessed an actual call to a Visayan-speaking customer service representative during the launching of this service last February 22 at the San Cristobal II Room, Radisson Blu Hotel. Cebu City.

"Maayong Buntag", will now be a common phrase that will greet these customers as they try to communicate their concerns or inquire about any Globe mobile, Landline or Boroadband services for sales, care or tech matters to Globe's Visayan-speaking customer service representative on the other side of the phone.

In addition, there are now Globe Talk2Globe channels including 24/7 chat service available on the Globe website or via Yahoo Messenger by adding "Talk2GLOBECHAT" as your YM buddy. There is also Globe's *143# easy-to-use quick service menu that allow subscribers access to the latest information on Globe promos in their cellphones.

So Globe users, you can try these services for yourself or spread the word to your friends.