Thursday, May 4, 2017

CebuMD or DocBuboy of Earth-Two

This is me, a superhero in an Alternate Universe or Earth-2.....Just kidding.

When Pinay MegaMom MD put out the call for blog posts to start TBR or The Blog Rounds 3.0 and when I saw the topic was about the Alternate Universe, I got excited to blog again even though I know I am having a busy week. Something about the words "Alternate Universe" just gets me going. Must be my being a Marvel and DC universe enthusiast (Isn't it obvious from the photo?). In both of these fantasy worlds, many popular stories are based on a parallel universe setting. And that includes my favorite Flash TV series where you have characters jumping from one Earth to another.

Well anyway, let me imagine myself in another parallel universe. What would I be? I hope not a bad guy (cause often in Flash, the good guys on one universe become bad on another.)

OK. OK. I'll just answer the writing prompt by Pinay MegaMom MD...If I were not who I am now, I would have been a (blank). It is actually tough to fill in this blank. Because there are a lot of possibilities I could end up being. Let me explain.

You see I have many interests.

I love music. I can see myself as a composer. I actually composed 3 songs that are not yet publicly introduced. Two love songs, one religious song.

I made the latest musical arrangement for the Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) Hymn including the "voicing" part of the hastily assembled choir of around 10 to put a modern twist to the song. I enjoy being part of the backup vocals whenever a makeshift band performs. For one time, I recorded a version of myself singing Christmas songs doing the tenor, bass and melody like Ryan Cayabyab did in his Christmas album. I miss my days in the choir. Incidentally, one of our choir members back in the province did pursue a musical career -- Raymund Marasigan (of Eraserheads, Sandwich, etc.).

I love listening to musicales. I could very well be the Music Meister of the DC universe. Hehe.

I also love art. I love to do sketches but I do not have time to do so. Okey, here is one sample.
I used to draw in my notebook making my own comic characters (usually ninjas) or draw Voltes V and let my classmates read my "Voltes V comic book" or my "ninja comic books". Some of my classmates during the elementary years thought I will pursue Fine Arts in college even. But it was not meant to be.

Believe it or not, performing on radio or TV is in my blood. My aunt was the first or original Flordeluna (Remember Anna Liza's "rival" Janice de Belen? My aunt was Flordeluna before Janice de Belen got the part in TV.) . An uncle was a TV director. I love shooting videos. I once made a fun music video for my dialysis support group.

And with a little make up, I can be an action star...

Did you watch my latest movie with Vin Diesel and the gang? (Lol.)

I almost became a chemist. My first two years in college were spent in the BS Chemistry course. My parents graduated as chemists. Most of my siblings are chemical engineers. Chemistry is in my blood. (I composed a rap song for the periodic table anyway, to help me memorize it.) I actually love Chemistry. I love explaining the different kinds of bonds, bond angles, stoichiometry, synthesizing compounds during an exam, balancing equations, etc.

Education and teaching is close to my heart. One of my masters degree is on health professions education and I have been teaching ever since I finished my medical degree. I help start the Google Educators Group in Cebu. I can purely be a teacher in another world.

In an alternate universe, I can possibly be a travel and food blogger. I used to be very active attending blogging events, tasting food and reviewing products. One of my most memorable is a staycation in Crimson Resort in Mactan. If I was not on dialysis, perhaps I will be actively exploring the different tourism destinations in our country.

I could possibly be a dog enthusiast. I love dogs and I support the cause of dog rescuers. My Instagram profile pic is that of my dog Bacter who died a few years ago. Even wrote about a pitbull named Princess and the cause of Island Rescue Organization (IRO) of Cebu in Yahoo 5 years ago.

So in different Earths or in Earth-2, I could simply be a musician, or an artist, or a chemist, or a teacher, or a food and travel blogger, or a dog enthusiast.

But God has a different plan for me I guess. My health condition brought me to this patients' advocacy of mine. It lead me to #HealthXPh and #DialysisPh. Instead of Chemistry, I decided to pursue Medical technology in preparation for Medicine which I eventually finished to help me prepare and better understand chronic kidney disease.

I realized God has not taken away all the possible me's I could have been with my kidney condition. In fact, God is so generous to allow me to be all of the above (well, except the Jason Statham part) so I could better reach out to fellow patients like me.

Given the choice, Earth-2 or Earth-one? I'll take this Earth's version of me still.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

University of Cebu School of Medicine now has its own home

Starting tomorrow, University of Cebu School of Medicine (UCSM) medical students will be staying in their new home beside the University of Cebu Medical Center (UCMed) in Mandaue Reclamation area. I had the honor of getting a glimpse of the school during preparations for its opening from semestral and Christmas break and here are the raw pictures.

So guess where I am? In a state-of-the-art movie theater? Nope. Here's another view.

This is one of two amphitheaters/lecture rooms of UCSM medical students. Yes you read that right. Lecture rooms. Fully air-conditioned with very nice sound system and comfortable chairs. Good also for research presentations, mini conventions,

UCSM also does small group discussions (SGD) and for these, it has the SGD rooms. Here is one of them.
Laboratory rooms? UCSM has plenty. Here are some.
This might be the Microbiology laboratory.

Histology laboratory (Note the numerous microscopes including the multi-headed covered one).

I think this is the Anatomy laboratory if i remember correctly. (The cadavers are not shown.)

Medical school life is not complete without exams. So below is the examination room.

Soon-to-be library.

Study lounge where students can also study complete with tables, spaces for their things. It is just beside the canteen.

The comfort rooms? They are like that found in malls. Found on each floor. PWDs also have their own comfort room.

UCSM also takes good care of its faculty with parking space and department offices.

Even the technicians have an office.

Skills laboratory (see the hospital beds)

UCSM's new home is simply impressive. UCSM medical students are really very lucky. They have Atty. Go and family to thank for.  Cebu has another high quality medical school in their midst.

Monday, November 9, 2015

What to do with Savings from #NoCashout for #SmartiPhone6S

In a previous post, I mentioned about Smart's offer for the iPhone6S and iPhone6S plus which involves No Cashouts. Yes, no cashouts! Perfect for Christmas, isn't it? I am seriously considering either Smart's Plan 2000 or Plan 2499 for the iPhone6S or 6S plus. The NoCashout would mean savings!

You see, I used the internet heavily specifically social media for healthcare. I maintain several blogs among them a blog for education of kidney patients (Even with PKD Life Goes On). Also I contribute to healthxph,net (along with 3 other doctors) being one of it's founders as part of our advocacy for using social media for healthcare. I maintain an offline and online dialysis support group known as Smiling Kidneys Club and is an active member of the Facebook support group DialysisPH. I also use social media for education and research, utilizing it as a tool for collaboration, communication and even, source of information. In the process of all of these, I take a lot of photos and videos, which is why the iPhone 6S or 6S plus is just perfect! What with their HD video recording at 30 or 60 fps, slo-mo video support, cinematic video stabilization, autofocus for the iSight camera, exposure controls among many other features.

Now back to the savings part. The estimated cash-out for the usual 24-month contract of a Plan 2000 is Php 6,000. So this 6000 pesos saving could mean extra money for my support group, the Smiling Kidneys Club! This December, our group plans to have a Christmas party for bonding and camaraderie and this savings can be converted to raffle draw prizes for them equivalent to erythropoietin injections for three patients and a dialyzer for another patient. Patients need every injection they can get to raise their hemoglobin and a dialyzer is good for approximately 10 dialysis sessions. The remaining amount can be used as Smart cellphone load among other lucky members.

With a Php 4,000 savings from an iPhone6S Plus Plan 2499 contract, our group can now have less one dialyzer as a price but more erythropoietin injections and Smart load. Now that's called living a #Smartlife with the savings obtained from Smart's iPhone 6S offers.

It will really be a Merry and Smart Christmas for me then.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Smart offers iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus FREE at Plan 2000 and Plan 2499 with NO Cash-out

I know many of you out there want that iPhone 6s. Why not? With features such as Live Photos (which brings still images to life by capturing a moment in motion), 3D Touch. 12-megapixel iSight camera, 5-MP FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash plus an Apple-designed A9 chip (which means great battery life with faster performance), who would not want to possess one?

Now, guess what? You can get thru Smart an iPhone 6s FREE on Plan 2000 under a 30-month contract, which includes already a supersized 10GB data allowance perfect for those fond of videos, music and games! This, plus All-Month Surf giving you access to all your favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Viber, Whatsapp, Waze, Line and Messenger as well as your fave websites among others throughout the 30-month period.  This is a special offer from November 6 until December 31, 2015.

Also part of this limited offer, you can get iPhone 6s Plus FREE on Plan 2499 also under a 30-month term which includesa supersize whopping 15GB data allowance and All-Month Surf throughout the duration of the contract.

Both of these hero offers of Smart under a 30-month contract involve NO Cash-out! Yes. #NoCashout for #SmartiPhone6S . However, for 24 month lock in term, cash-out is Php 6000 for Plan 2000 and Php 4000 for Plan 2499.

I also learned upgrading thru Smart as referred above would entitle one to avail of the following benefits:

  1. Getting the iPhone 6s Rose Gold (16GB) via special Uber delivery on November 6. Simply click "Request an iPhone 6s" on the Uber app. This goes with 50% off (with max worth of P200) on the next two Uber rides for new users.
  2. 20% discount from Zalora for a minimum purchase of P500
  3. iflix access 3 months worth plus 1 GB of data for streaming
  4. P2500 Airbnb discount with a minimum of P8000 spent at any listing
  5. FREE Gadget Shield 30-day insurance
  6. Wipeout of existing contract when upgrading with Discounts depending on number of remaining months on previous contract
  7. Smart Pay-with-Mobile service to purchase Apple Music, App Store and iTunes without a credit card
  8. Chance to win another gadget through Smart Share The Joy promo just by getting a new plan or recontracting.

For complete details on pricing and other information, visit

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Payments for Air You Go Travels Transactions Can Now be Made thru ML Kwarta Padala

Planning to take a break and have a vacation in Boracay or another destination? Looking for a travel package? You don't have to walk far. You can, at the comfort of your home through the internet, get a nice travel package to your destination with the help of Air You Go Travels.

AIR YOU GO TRAVELS Philippines Co. is a Cebu City-based online travel and tours company that offers travel packages to the public at very affordable rates for local & international destinations.It provides travel-planning services and online booking reservation for you to get that well-deserved vacation hassle-free with no hidden charges.

And now, customers can also process their payments for booked packages in any ML Kwarta Padala's 1,910 branches nationwide making it possible for them to make payments through ML Kwarta Padala Bills Payments also during weekends. A service fee of PHP 20 will be charged per P50,000 transaction
Here's how:

How to pay our Travel Packages thru ML Kwarta Padala - Bills Payment.
Posted by Air You Go Travels Experience on Friday, June 5, 2015

This was the announcement made during the contract signing of the new partnership between Air You Go Travels and MLhullier Financial Services  last June 5.
Mr. Michel Lhuillier, MLhuillier Financial Services Owner (second from left) and Mark Kenneth Iverson Calog, Air You Go Travels Co-Founder (second from right) and Rhamric PeƱola Simpron during the signing of partnership agreement between the two companies in Cebu Mandarin Hotel

What are you waiting for? Visit Air You Go Travels through the following:
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Social Media Voice:    viber: +63905-663-0570 | wechat: AirYouGo

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Central Visayas' Carmela Therese Dublin: The Fast and the Furious and the Brainy

Carmela Therese Dublin

Watching this 15-year old incoming Grade 10 (4th year high school) student of Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu display her perfect running form, one could tell she's a champion athlete. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches, furiously running with long strides and acquiring a dark complexion due to constant sun exposure in the open track field, Carmela Therese Dublin or "Miss Kenya" as she is fondly called by her mom, is already a multi-awarded athlete at her young age. Among her recent awards - National PRISAA 2015 meet: gold 200 meters, and silver 100 meters (losing by a hairline). She's also Central Visayas' fastest female runner, winning the CVIRAA 2015 100 meter gold, 200 meter gold, 4 x 100 meter gold and 4 x 400 meter silver. All of these is a product of years of hard work and determination. Back in CVIRAA 2014, she was not expected to win gold in the 100 meters but won.

It was in Grade 4 that she first took interest in athletics during PE class. However, it was only in Grade 6 that she joined the athletics varsity team. From there, training hard for the school qualifiers or time trials, trying initially high jump and the 400 meters, she slowly rose ranks to become one of the lead runners of their school in the 100 meters and 200 meters (her favorite event). There was a time she believed her past excellent performances were tied to her "lucky shorts". When she won an event in CVIRAA where she was not favored to win wearing another pair of shorts as she left her lucky shorts behind, she began to truly believe it was indeed her hard work that brought the win.

Life as an athlete is not easy.The school is unable to fully shoulder the expenses especially for events outside Cebu. But thanks to her supportive family, Carmela is able to compete in these big sporting events. Another challenge is time management. Constant training (stretching, jogging, drills, sprints) is required in the midst of academic challenges undergone by a typical student. More than 3 failed subjects would mean a break from the athletics team. But how did Carmela respond?

In the latest grading period, she got Second Honors.This despite having to take special exams and one-on-one sessions with the teacher to catch up especially when there are sporting events where she would compete. With practices done daily, Carmela remains conscientious with her studies reviewing lessons at home straight after practice. Imagine how she would adjust and manage her schedules to make way for studying with events such as the Milo Nationals, CESAFI, Mandaue Meet and CVIRAA to name some. But manage well she did, perhaps taking cue from her doctor parents, as she is not only a winner in the track but she is doing well in academics.

Carmela is also an ordinary teenager who enjoys house hopping and strolling with teammates in Ayala or IT Park showing a very good balance of work and play.

Prompted for tips she could give for young runners, Carmela gave these words, "I think to always have a fighting spirit lang gyud."Do not give up lang gyud. Don't be scared..."

Showing already the right attitude young athletes should possess, with more support, Carmela will continue to bring more honor not only to her parents or school but also to the region as well.