Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

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You have never heard of any of my blogs in previous years, right? It is because I am a new blogger with all of his blogs starting just last year. I may be an officer of the Cebu Blogger's Society but really, my blogger friends and fellow members just heard of my blogs late last year.

Allow me to share to you my partial list for Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 (in no particular order) with some explanations on the choice.
  1. Libotero (by Sinjin Pineda). Created last May 2010, Libotero is a Page Rank 2 Travel Photo Blog by a genuine well-traveled person, a "libotero" in the truest sense of the word. His travel blog brings you to many different places and helps you imagine how it would be like being there. 
  2. Foodiecraft (by Mary Angeli Bas). I remember that Angeli started this just this year and in that relatively short time span, she has gain many followers for her reviews on "food, eating and everything in between." Last time I heard, she has started to get invites for food reviews.
  3. Even with PKD Life Goes On (by Dr. Narciso Tapia). This blog is perhaps the only Filipino-made blog that primarily promotes awareness on polycystic kidney disease (PKD) including its management. Made by a physician himself who has the disease, readers (who are most likely polycystic kidney disease patients themselves or their relatives and friends) find tips and information regarding things their doctors usually forget to address nor bother to explain. Some blog visitors find the blog posts useful and even inspirational. Indeed there is still life even with PKD. 
  4. Cebu MD Blog. (by Dr. Narciso Tapia). There are not too many physicians who are into serious blogging. This blog provides a refreshing break for readers especially in the medical field who maybe already tired of reading blogs that talk about life in the hospital and the medical life. It connects the medical field and its readers mostly in the medical field to society, to real life, to the world outside the hospital. Being Cebu-based and part of the Cebu Bloggers Society, it also talks and promotes anything Cebu. It still has health-related content geared towards educating the public to show that the medical profession still boils down to serving the community and connecting with them. Recently joining the Filipino-initiated "Blog Rounds", it is helping to show the way to fellow physician bloggers that blogging can be a powerful tool for patient or community health education.
  5. RizalPark.Org (by Jhong Medina). Very timely especially with Rizal at 150 coming up. It brings back Rizal, our country's national hero to our national consciousness.
  6. I-Swallow (by Rabsin). A rising food blog giving honest food reviews from an ordinary food-lover's point of view.
  7. The Teacher's Notebook (by Ariel). Educational. I am a teacher myself and I think with today's Net Generation, teachers should use online tools such as blogs to educate as well as increase interest on Education.
  8. Blog-ph.com (by JLAquino). Nicely made. PR3. High Alexa rank. Good mix of Entertainment, Fashion, Music and Technology. The blog speaks for itself.
  9.  A blog that is a sight for sore eyes with nice shots.
  10.  A nice mix of guides and tips and everything else.

There are really a lot of other blogs out there that really deserve nomination but the list is just limited to 10. Below are other blogs worth reading. 
I would like to point out that the intent of the writing project as pointed out in the Influential Blogger's FAQ is to introduce new blogs/bloggers giving them the chance to "shine and grow".

So do you think both of this genuinely NEW blogger's new blogs have the potential to become an influential blog? Do you want to support my advocacy on using blogs to educate people on health, the reality of polycystic kidney disease and awareness to society? Then you might consider joining this writing project and nominate this blog along with the other awesome blogs out there.

It will really serve as an inspiration for new bloggers like me.

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