Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NBA 2011 Playoffs: Getting to be More Interesting

It is the Playoffs of the NBA 2011 and many are glued to their cable TV sets to cheer for their favorite NBA team. Well, some who do not have cable TV but have internet connection wish are currently looking for live NBA streaming. Coming into the playoffs by the way, I have my Yahoo Fantasy basketball team winning my league. My fantasy team is composed of players who are mostly still playing in the playoffs like Serge Ibaka and Tyson Chandler as well as Zach Randolph. ( A clap for me please...Thank you.)

Now back to the playoff picture. This particular year is a very interesting one. Why? Because of the NBA Playoff standings.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hand Hygiene, AIDS updates in PSMID Cebu's 1st Biennial Postgrad Course

Hand hygiene is probably a neglected tool in preventing the spread of superbugs and nosocomial infections. Nurses who are most often in contact with patients and instruments in the wards (more often than the physicians even) should be the target of continuing education efforts on infection control and hand washing since they play a bigger role in preventing nosocomial diseases and spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ways to Celebrate World Bloggers' Day

Yes, there is indeed a World Bloggers' Day. May 2 is World Bloggers' Day, an event initiated by Filipino bloggers, the Cebu Bloggers Society, Incorporated last year and is now truly going global. The day will be highlighted by both offline and online celebrations also in countries like Australia and Singapore.

Why celebrate? Why not? Isn't being a blogger worth celebrating?