Monday, April 18, 2011

Hand Hygiene, AIDS updates in PSMID Cebu's 1st Biennial Postgrad Course

Hand hygiene is probably a neglected tool in preventing the spread of superbugs and nosocomial infections. Nurses who are most often in contact with patients and instruments in the wards (more often than the physicians even) should be the target of continuing education efforts on infection control and hand washing since they play a bigger role in preventing nosocomial diseases and spread of antimicrobial resistance.

This was one of the reasons behind inviting nurses and other healthcare professionals aside from physicians during PSMID Cebu's first Biennial Postgraduate Course held last March 31-April 1, 2011 at the Grand Convention Cebu. And the response was overwhelming turning the event into a success.

Speaker-experts were invited from both Cebu and Manila and Dealing with infections in the workplace was the theme. Some of the speakers include Dr. Jaime Montoya, Dr. Eternity Labio, Dr. Elfleda Hernandez and Dr. Evelyn Alesna.

Cebu MD was one of the organizers being part of PSMID-Cebu.

Below are some of the slides:

Extended-spectrum Beta lactamases was among the topics discussed stressing the dangers of it increasing in incidence.

Regarding HIV, one speaker revealed that injection drug use is becoming a source of new HIV patients in Cebu with some starting as early as age 10. Nubain plus shabu "milkshake" was among the last substance injected.

It was shocking to know from the session on HIV that some HIV patients start having sex as early as 7 years old. Around 3 out of 10 of the male patients had sex with fellow male. Some were clients of female sex workers.

Risk for HIV infection among injection drug users is increased with increased frequency of injection per day and the use of service needles commonly used by them.

Another speaker highlighted the risks of HIV transmission in various situations as shown below:
Overall, the event was a success thanks to the participation of nurses, medical technologists, residents, consultants and the support of friends from the pharmaceutical industry.

One participant summed up the wish of the others when she wished for more conventions like this that welcome not just doctors but other health professionals.

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