Friday, July 1, 2011

Running Event Alert: LiveRun in Cebu this August

Want to exercise, run  for a good cause while promoting Hepatitis awareness at the same time getting a chance to win cool raffle prizes such as a GPS Enabled Sports Watch?

Join the Liverun on August 7, 2011 organized by the Cebu GI Group, a group of gastroenterologists in Cebu to commemorate World Hepatitis Day in Cebu City.  As mentioned, it is for Hepatitis awareness and also to help fund future projects of the group like Hepatitis B immunization in certain communities among other projects.

Students are also welcome to join with a lower registration fee of P200.

Registration sites are at the Endoscopy Units of Chong Hua, Cebu Doctors and Perpetual Succour Hospitals. In Velez Hospital, you may contact Dr. Karen Batoctoy at the 2nd Floor Doctor's Clinic of the said hospital. Others may also register at RUNNR, Ayala Center Cebu. You may also text 09227281677.

Assembly time for the running event is at 4 AM at the Chong Hua Medical Arts Parking Lot.