Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gabii sa Kabilin last May 27, 2011

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.(RAFI) once again led the Gabii sa Kabilin even held last May 27, 2011. Eleven (11) museums and seven heritage sites participated this year, opening their doors to the public from 6pm to midnight. Hundreds braved the rains to visit these sites and learn Cebu's cultural heritage. The event showcased Cebu's past. It was indeed a very educational trip for many.

Scenes from the Night of Heritage are shown in the slideshow below:

I have one suggestion for the participating museums and heritage sites though. I suggest that they play the appropriate music next time to match the environment of each museum. Like in the Cathedral Museum, it would be better if they play Church music. In the Museo Parian, music that will reflect Chinese influence or Visayan songs. No rock music for any museum please.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blog Rounds Season 2: What If I Had Unlimited Time, Unlimited Wealth

Gold Bar Bullion Coin BankIt was just this year that I stumbled upon Blog Rounds, a blog carnival participated in by a good number of Filipino doctors who blog. Blog Rounds is now in Season 2 and going on its second edition. Blog Rounds is still open to physician-bloggers out there.

For this edition of blog rounds, my student, Doc Ligaya in her blog, An adventure called life was asking doctor bloggers to list 10 things they would do if "they had more of both (gold and time)".

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why my mom's picture is not my Facebook profile pic on Mother's Day

I look at my Facebook wall and my Facebook friends' profile pictures and I see either their respective mom's solo picture or a photo of these persons beside their moms.

Yes, it is Mother's day but I decided NOT to put any picture of my mom in my Facebook profile. Why?