Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blog Rounds Season 2: What If I Had Unlimited Time, Unlimited Wealth

Gold Bar Bullion Coin BankIt was just this year that I stumbled upon Blog Rounds, a blog carnival participated in by a good number of Filipino doctors who blog. Blog Rounds is now in Season 2 and going on its second edition. Blog Rounds is still open to physician-bloggers out there.

For this edition of blog rounds, my student, Doc Ligaya in her blog, An adventure called life was asking doctor bloggers to list 10 things they would do if "they had more of both (gold and time)".

Well, this is a very appropriate question for me because (realistically-speaking) being a polycystic kidney patient myself, I really wish to have both -- more time for my kidneys to remain healthy and more "gold" to be able to afford a "new" kidney in the future when my own kidneys will fail me. Perhaps, the closest thing to having this unlimited gold in real life is when that dream of mine winning the Grand Lotto jackpot comes true.

So what if I do have extra time?

If I have more time, I will not do things differently. I am already contented of what I have presently and having extra time is more than enough to be thankful for. Therefore I will continue to do the things that I usually do.

  1. I will be forever thanking God for everything. 
  2. I will continue to love my wife and my family.
  3. I will continue to teach.
  4. I will continue to blog.
  5. I will continue to do research.
  6. I will continue to appreciate friendships.
  7. I will continue to appreciate the beauty of nature.
  8. I will continue to appreciate the unconditional love of dogs.
  9. I will continue to love music.
  10. I will continue to be a fan of the NBA.
Very simple really. Because I enjoy doing all the things that I have been doing already. 

Alright, I admit. I have things that I haven't done yet that I want to try out if I were just dreaming. There's nothing wrong in dreaming, right? Besides, we are talking here of lots of time, maybe unlimited time. So maybe i will do something like...
  1. Study music formally and be a complete musician composing, singing, playing the piano, violin and saxophone among many instruments.
  2. Study film acting and directing then act in a movie or direct a movie (My uncle was a local Visayan director and my aunt was a radio talent so this idea is not exactly far-fetched.)
  3. Study I.T. (Wait why am I always studying?)
  4. Photograph the 7 Wonders of the World........
Enough of the dreaming. I can't think of anything else.

To continue.....

If I have more gold...I will be.........NAH!

If I post it here, I will not win the Grand Lotto jackpot. It's forbidden to count the chickens before they hatch, you know. Saka na lang. Baka di tuloy ako manalo. 

(Voice in the background: Paano ka mananalo e di ka naman tumataya!)