Saturday, August 14, 2010

CIM Alumnus awarded Teacher of the Year abroad

A clinician can be a good teacher at the same time sharing his time and knowledge to medical students despite the busy schedule. This was proven by David Veloso Lardizabal, M.D., a neurologist and medical director of University of Missouri Health Care’s Epilepsy Program who has been awarded the Teacher of the Year for 2010 at the University of Missouri.

 In 2005, Dr. Lardizabal was also the Teacher of the Year in Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Dr. Lardizabal graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1991 from Cebu Institute of Medicine and prior to his adult neurology residency in the Philippine General Hospital, he finished his internal medicine residency training at Cebu Velez General Hospital.

This online publication promptly documents this achievement by our fellow CIM alumnus.

Congratulations to Dr. Lardizabal. May there be more people like him not just abroad but also locally.