Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Net needs Good Blogs like the world needs good news also

A lot of blogs contain rants, complaints or ramblings. How refreshing it would be if we also get to read good blogs -- blogs that "can inspire others to do good and be something better."

Gadgets Magazine, Coca-cola, VSO Bahaginan and NWTF is searching for good blogs all over the country.

If you feel your blog or a friend's blog is a "good" blog with "...the potential to ignite ideas that can enhance our lives and impart some form of spiritual growth...and can ...inspire others to reach out, take the extra step and pave the way forward to improve the quality of life for a single individual, or the nation as a whole," then submit your blog post and join the Good Blog Awards

Text Blogs, Photo Blogs and Video Blogs are welcomed.

For a change, share the world these good blogs. Instead of just complain, be part of the solution and inspire others.

Submit your blog now and follow the GoodBlog Awards at Facebook.