Monday, July 7, 2014

10 Things to Love about the Smartphone LG G3 now available in Cebu

I was fortunate to see for myself the latest smartphone from LG, the LG G3 and I fell in love with it already. here are 10 reasons why.

  1. Very high quality display - With the stunning Quad HD supporting 538 ppi, the LG G3 delivers ultra sharp images in your phone. A good combination with the 5.5 inch screen it possesses.
  2. Laser Auto Focus - Never miss a moment with its quick focus adjustment. With the laser auto focus, blurring and shaking effects are reduced and the 13 MP pics really appear perfect.
  3. Touch and Shoot - Oftentimes, when you want to capture a moment in the smartphone camera, you want to touch the target area for a quick shot instead of the camera icon. This is possible with LG G3 as you simply get a focus and the shot with just one touch of the screen.
  4. Evolved Front camera - It only takes a simple hand gesture to signal the smartphone camera with the help of the image sensor to take a selfie image. Selfies made easy, cleaner and sharper!
  5. Smart Keyboard - Big hands? No problem. You can adjust the size of the keyboard to personalize your texting and typing experience. This plus word completion feature makes for reduced typing mistakes.
  6. Smart Notice - LG G3 makes call reminders for calls you missed or makes suggestions on apps to erase after a time of inactivity and many more.
  7. Wireless charging - How cool is that? LG G3 by the way has 3,000 mAh removable batteries. thus you can opt to have a spare battery on standby.
  8. Knock Code - One can create a pattern or combination to unlock or wake your phone adding to the level of security in a fun way.
  9. 1-Watt Speaker with Boost Amp - no need for additional speakers when playing music.
  10. Quick Circle - This Circle Window displays the 6 most often used apps by you making it easier to access them while your phone is protected by its own case.
Other specs:
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • 2g/3g?LTE (4G)
  • Android 4.4.2 Kitkat OS
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, HDMI SlimPort, NFC, A-GPS, Glonass
  • Memory: 3 GB AM/32 GB Internal Memory or 2 GB RAM/16 GB Internal memory; External Micro SD up to 128 GB
  • Ultra HD video recording, 3840 x 2160
I was told the LG G3 is available already in Cebu cellphone stores especially those in SM. I think it costs around the 30,000 peso plus range.

For more info visit the LG G3 website and LG G3 Youtube channel.