Sunday, January 8, 2017

University of Cebu School of Medicine now has its own home

Starting tomorrow, University of Cebu School of Medicine (UCSM) medical students will be staying in their new home beside the University of Cebu Medical Center (UCMed) in Mandaue Reclamation area. I had the honor of getting a glimpse of the school during preparations for its opening from semestral and Christmas break and here are the raw pictures.

So guess where I am? In a state-of-the-art movie theater? Nope. Here's another view.

This is one of two amphitheaters/lecture rooms of UCSM medical students. Yes you read that right. Lecture rooms. Fully air-conditioned with very nice sound system and comfortable chairs. Good also for research presentations, mini conventions,

UCSM also does small group discussions (SGD) and for these, it has the SGD rooms. Here is one of them.
Laboratory rooms? UCSM has plenty. Here are some.
This might be the Microbiology laboratory.

Histology laboratory (Note the numerous microscopes including the multi-headed covered one).

I think this is the Anatomy laboratory if i remember correctly. (The cadavers are not shown.)

Medical school life is not complete without exams. So below is the examination room.

Soon-to-be library.

Study lounge where students can also study complete with tables, spaces for their things. It is just beside the canteen.

The comfort rooms? They are like that found in malls. Found on each floor. PWDs also have their own comfort room.

UCSM also takes good care of its faculty with parking space and department offices.

Even the technicians have an office.

Skills laboratory (see the hospital beds)

UCSM's new home is simply impressive. UCSM medical students are really very lucky. They have Atty. Go and family to thank for.  Cebu has another high quality medical school in their midst.