Monday, October 10, 2011

People Get Ready for Bob Marlin

Bob is here complete with reggae music in the backgroundand good food. Nope. It's not Bob Marley. I am talking about Bob Marlin, the latest restaurant to hit Park Mall Cebu.

Photo by Jervie David Mondejar

Bob Marlin is named in honor of Bob Marley since the owner is an avid fan of his. They offer native Filipino dishes and a selection of deliciously-grilled delights.

A must-taste is the Crispy Pata which is crunchy and tasty. It is not hard to chew and is very pleasant to the palate and friendly to the teeth. Other must-try is the sinigang na hipon (which had a natural sampaloc taste and does NOT taste like commercial sinigang mix) and of course the various grilled Marlin fish as well as the Kare Kare. It is perfect for family and barkadas.

I myself had the chance to taste the various selections in their menu and I could say Bob Marlin captured the taste of what Filipino homemade dishes should be.

So people, get up, standup and visit Bob Marlin at Park Mall ground floor along the other restaurants located outside it. Promos are upcoming as well as occasional live performances from Bob Marley music-playing bands in the future.