Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stay in unusual accommodations or earn money from your unused space through Airbnb

Hardworking people including doctors do take vacations too and I know a lot who want to explore new places. Perhaps you also want to explore new places to stay, new accommodations like a tree house or a castle? Or you want a homey cheaper room within walking distance to a tourist spot with a nice view. Well, here's your chance.

Airbnb for travellers

From the humble beginnings of the founders who rented out their space and provided bed and breakfast to individuals attending a convention, Airbnb now is a global trusted community marketplace with verification and security safeguards in place for people to discover unique accommodations all over the globe be it Europe, North America or Asia or even within Cebu. You can be in an island or a castle or a tree house or a boat instead of a usual hotel.

Using their website or app, you can now browse different properties or places to stay in your destination, browse their availability at the dates you want, communicate with your host for clarifications, book the place like that in a hotel and voila!

Airbnb for hosts

You may also want to earn money from unused spaces in your property ---say, a beachhouse or a room in your house near a tourist spot. Have your property listed for free, upload photos of it, set your price, answer potential guests' questions and choose whether to decline or accept a guest reservation request. Payment will be thru Airbnb and you will be paid 24 hours after the guests check-in. And oh, don't forget to leave a review about your guest. Reviews is one way of ensuring security and safety for Airbnb users.

Airbnb growing in Cebu

“Philippines is emerging as an exciting tourism and we expect significant demand for Cebu City, both for leisure and business travellers“ says Airbnb’s Phlippines Country Expert Ms. Joy Tacandong, a Cebuana. As Airbnb currently has about 1,600 listings within the country, it plans to have at least 300 in Cebu with your help. In the last year, there has been a growin number (over 300% increase) of guests visiting Cebu through Airbnb. The top 5 nationalities visiting Cebu are Americans, Koreans, fellow Filipinos, Australians and Germans.

Still worried about security, or you want to know more about Airbnb and how it works? Then visit them here at the Airbnb website.