Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yipee! CBSi @ 3

February 19 is one day I will never forget.

Aside from my dad's birthday, it is also the day when my new family will celebrate its 3rd birthday this year. Happy 3rd Birthday Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.(CBSi) !

Actually, CBSi inspired me to start blogging. It was a year ago when I chanced upon the CBS website and the blogs of its members...

And I noticed that CBS members are not some computer nerds who only know about internet and computer stuff blogging about the beauty of Cebu, but they are productive citizens with substance -- leaders, achievers with various interests and talents who promote noble advocacies. They are individuals who also reach out to others giving whatever they can... to share to the needy -- outreach to fire victims, book donation, teaching computer literacy, bringing Christmas cheer.

And so from the very beginning of my blogging days, I already have my mind set in joining CBSi never mind if I am one of the "youngest" applicants. Never mind if almost everyone are not from the medical field. Never mind if it seemed that I am the mature red blood cell in the midst of reticulocytes.

And I am thankful and I am honored now to be part of the group. Despite my newbie status, I felt welcomed.

I am really proud of this group. Believe me, CBSi is so organized indeed. As organized as the body's immune defense system.

Who would have thought I will be celebrating CBSi's anniversary as one of its members?

Actually the anniversary is originally February 14 but you know what's February 14, right?

And so we will have it on the 19th. And as we celebrate CBSi's 3rd birthday, we look forward to more years of building relationships with members and with society. (That is if the world will go beyond year 2012! Hehehe. Calling Nostradamus!)

Meanwhile CBSi (like phagocytes) will gather together on the 19th at the PAGCOR, Casino Filipino Cebu in Parkmall, Saturday between 3 to 6 pm for our bonding time. Like the Christmas colors in the poster below, I am sure there will be a Christmas-like atmosphere with songs and laughter. (Or better, laughter and songs because songs then laughter won't sound good.)

Stronger, better and many amazing years ahead of us. More power CBSi and God bless all of us!

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