Monday, February 7, 2011

Beware: HIV is on the Rise

As Valentine's Day nears, perhaps this is the most appropriate time to give an update of the local HIV situation.

Incidence of HIV in the Philippines cases has been described as slow but sure. Look again.

From 1984 to 2010, HIV infection here has reached the 6000 mark. This is according to the Statistics from the DOH's Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry Report with 174 cases recorded last December 2010 alone. About 97% of the December 2010 cases were acquired through sexual contact.

Just here in Cebu, a 28-year old overseas Filipino worker returning from the Middle East in time for the Sinulog has just learned during a recent check-up that he got HIV. This after he unintentionally infected 10 individuals in Cebu City. The said OFW was reportedly sexually-active in the Middle East with members of both sexes. He is now unable to go back to work in the Middle East.

Surely with sexual behaviors such as this, expect HIV to be described in the near future as alarmingly fast.

For the related detailed reports, visit the Breaking News and Inquirer's Mind and Body Health Beat.

Stay H.I.V.  Stay Healthy...physically and morally...Intaon this Valentines.

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