Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why my mom's picture is not my Facebook profile pic on Mother's Day

I look at my Facebook wall and my Facebook friends' profile pictures and I see either their respective mom's solo picture or a photo of these persons beside their moms.

Yes, it is Mother's day but I decided NOT to put any picture of my mom in my Facebook profile. Why?

Because there is no need to do so. Why?

Because as I look at myself in my profile picture, I see my mom. For everything I am now is because of my mom.

Even if my mom passed away when I was still 8 years old because of complications of polycystic kidney disease (which was not known then), I went into the health profession because of her, to know more about what made her sick.

I am grateful that she decided to have me even if it was risky for her to have a baby with her condition .

I believe I am fond of cartoons and anime until now probably because I enjoy watching with her Voltes V when I was young and I cherished the times when she bought me T-shirts with Mazinger Z and Voltes V as well as Star Ranger prints.

I am a basketball fan because of her as she gave me the nickname "Sonny Boy" with her fondness for Sonny Jaworski and the Toyota squad.

I love Filipino food because I remember her personally cooking my favorite Pinoy dishes with her expertise helping her aunt who had a carinderia in Carbon.

I am active in extracurricular activities as she was active as a member of a dressmaking club near our school in Labangon just to be close to me during class hours.

Even if she is physically gone, I know she has a great influence on me even almost 30 years after her demise.

She is not in my Facebook profile pic because in reality, she is there inside me...inside my heart.

Happy Mother's Day mama Ana. I miss you.

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