Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NBA 2011 Playoffs: Getting to be More Interesting

It is the Playoffs of the NBA 2011 and many are glued to their cable TV sets to cheer for their favorite NBA team. Well, some who do not have cable TV but have internet connection wish are currently looking for live NBA streaming. Coming into the playoffs by the way, I have my Yahoo Fantasy basketball team winning my league. My fantasy team is composed of players who are mostly still playing in the playoffs like Serge Ibaka and Tyson Chandler as well as Zach Randolph. ( A clap for me please...Thank you.)

Now back to the playoff picture. This particular year is a very interesting one. Why? Because of the NBA Playoff standings.

Who would have thought that a contender of the NBA Finals 2010 like the Lakers will be tied 2-2 (currently playing) against the Hornets minus their leading scorer David West? Now Kobe is playing hurt and suddenly some are even doubting if the Lakers can survive the series.

Or who would imagine the Magic trailing the Hawks 3-2 in the series? Yes the Magic just won a few hours ago with their shooters finally finding their mark even with Howard limited by foul trouble.

And finally, who would think that the No. 1 seed in the West, the San Antonio Spurs are on the brink of elimination courtesy of a "Grizzly" attack.

Just minutes ago, the Bulls advance into the second round dispatching the pesky Pacers finally showing why they are the top seed. Many are divided as to whether the Bulls will finally reach the NBA Finals this year with the leadership of top MVP favorite Derrick Rose.

There is also ongoing debate whether the Celtics, now without tough man Kendrick Perkins will also return to the Finals. They  have been inconsistent, particularly Rondo during the start of the Playoffs although in their last 2 games, Rondo was superb thus it comes as no surprise that the Celtics swept New York. But New York is without the services of an injured Chauncey Billups so the Celtics winning is a no-brainer. I feel the success of New York though will really rely also on Melo maturing as a responsible star player and that him, Amare and Big Shot Billups being surrounded with good backup players.

So who would it be in the NBA conference finals and finals this year? Who is your bet in the East? West? Who will become NBA champs this NBA season?

P.S. ABS-CBN, I hope as the playoffs go deeper, you air the games more often for the benefit of those without cable subscriptions.

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