Saturday, August 11, 2012

Starmobile FeatureSmart T601i Review by an Ordinary Cellphone User

I got the chance to try the first of a series of mobile phones that incorporates the best features of a smartphone but is not exactly a smartphone -- the Smartmobile FeatureSmart T601i which comes at an affordable price of P3,290. And didn't I mention? It's dual-sim capable, perfect especially for the Filipino user.

Box showing the features of the unit

The view from the top

Below are photos which show how it looks like from different angles and gives you an idea of what it is made off.
Anterior part of the unit with the port for the charger (center), power on button (left), ear phone port (right)

caudal portion with the home button (center), back button (right)

Back view showing the built-in 3.2 MP camera and TV antenna (lower right hand corner)
When you power on, this is how the screen would look like...
This unit is touchscreen, specifically a responsive 3.5" capacitive touchscreen type and I am satisfied with how it responds. Tapping the Main Menu will give you this...
This shows it has wireless connectivity and features resembling a smartphone

Notice Facebook, Twitter, Inquirer, JobMarket, YM?
I was able to use the wifi connectivity of this unit. Opera mobile is its built-in browser. The App store has limited number of apps though and the games do not have the superior graphics of smartphones.

Now let's the TV.

Mobile TV works with the local TV channels. Good!

Of course it has FM radio also.

For a dual-sim capable phone with smartphone features, it may not satisfy the "advanced" users but it is definitely suited for the ordinary user who wants to try the more expensive smartphone but could not afford to buy one.