Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wish for Santa: New HTC One X+ and HTC Windows Phone 8X

December...Christmas is in the air...We are free to dream right? So I have one request for Santa being a good boy this year. Can I have one of these two HTC phones?

Looking at the best lists for cellphones in various websites, there is always an HTC smartphone included. So you could just examine how much excitement I felt knowing there's a new set of HTC phones to be launched here in Cebu, Philippines.

Introducing....HTC One X+ which runs the HTC sense on the Android Jelly Bean. If HTC One is already amazing, wait till you get your hands on this upgrade. In summary, this new model offers super fast browsing, an even better camera and very immersive nice studio quality sounds due to BeatsAudio.

The processor: 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 AP37 processor. The battery: 2100 mAh battery which offers extended performance. Internal storage: 64GB plus 25 GB Dropbox storage free for 2 years. These are just some of the important features of this cellphone. Imagine owning the HTC One X+ below...
The HTC One X+ is available in the Philippines in Stealth Black and Polar White with a suggested retail price of Php 32,800.

Let us go to the next equally awesome phone --- HTC's first signature Windows Phone in the Philippines, the HTC Windows Phone X. (Refer to pic of phone below).
This phone is available in California Blue and Graphite Black in a premium matte finish. With its features, this Windows phone's look can be customized according to your personal preference making it perhaps the most personal phone you may have. It has Live Tiles and Live Apps. The apps have certification assuring security.

Some of the nice things about this phone?

  • You can push notifications without the need of opening the app.
  • It has a Kid's Corner so you won't fear having your confidential files and emails being deleted unintentionally by your children as they borrow your phone and will play with it.
  • It has Rooms wherein you can share things with your friends or contacts for collaboration. Calendars can even be shared to coordinate the family members' schedule. 
  • I has People Hub, a modern contact list to enable the user to look at one stream, eliminating the need to go to a particular app.
  • It has Skydrive for storage.
  • There is an Office hub wherein Word files, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote can be obtained, access, edit and share for free -- the perfect companion to Windows 8 computers or laptops.
  • It enables you to use your Xbox live profile which will follow you anywhere not just in your Xbox console.
  • Itunes can be played here.
  • The pics taken are incredible even those taken with a front cam because it does not just capture your face but also the background.
  • There is a Flashlight app for brownouts.
  • It adapts -- when in the pocket, the ringtone may become louder.
  • The sound is incredible with BeatsAudio
  • The screen is a 4.3" HD-resolution LCD2 screen with lightweight Gorilla Glass 2 with an optical lamination that reduces reflections and glare.
Need I say more? There are other features which makes this phone quietly brilliant indeed. So hurry buy one now for me at a suggested retail price of Php 28,800.