Monday, January 31, 2011

Velez College Medtech graduates unite!

When I opened my Facebook account, I was surprised to know that a Facebook group has been put up and I was added to its members. (I am thankful that I was added). The group is "Velez College BSMT grads". The FB Group account was set up by Nanette Jabonero Robles of Batch '73 according to the Organization Notes. Thank you Ma'am Nanette.

It is about time!

For the longest time during Velez College events, I only see Velez College Nursing Alumni Association tarpulins on their homecoming as well as their alumni activities but no Velez College Medtech Alumni Association events. And to think, there are also many medtech alumni both here and abroad who could have organized the graduates.

And now, the fb group account even has a discussion on what to call the VC medtech alumni association when before there was no association to speak of, no formal and official alumni reunions to attend, no activity, just silence... It seemed that medtechs were all work and study. Too busy to care, perhaps? Not really.

They were just waiting for somebody to start the ball rolling. The opening of the fb account is perhaps the start everybody was waiting for.

The group page was created January 28 and in just 3 days, it has reached 677 members already as of 10:50PM Philippine Time. The online activity is non-stop. Heck even my medical students who were medtech graduates dropped by to join as members. (Pssst! Go back to your books after a few seconds, OK?)

There seem to be plans for a grand reunion for a start but I hope in the future there would be also educational and community-oriented activities.

This is just the first step and I am inviting other Velez College BS Medical Technology graduates to join and be part of the online medtech graduate online family. Together we can do many things.

Let's unite Velezian medtechs and medtech graduates! Join or add your batchmates in the Facebook Velez College BSMT graduates group.

Important note: If you do not edit your group settings, once you post in any facebook group like this MT grads group, you will receive everyone's post in the fb group through your email. Email clutter may result. To avoid this, edit your settings once in the Velez BSMT grads group and in notify me when, choose "Only posts I am subscribed to". You will receive only posts that you subscribed to or only replies of posts you yourself made.

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