Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bloody Start for the Year 2011: When will we learn our lesson?

Stray BulletsLocal news headlines reported an increase in number of firework-related injuries from December 21-January 1, 2011 compared to the same period in the previous 5 years on average.

The total firework-related injuries is 546 of which 20 are due to.....stray bullets.

Right. Stray bullets.

Imagine...these victims some of which were just watching the festivities unfold, some going outside to watch fireworks from a distance and not handling firecrackers themselves (as reported also in the news) suddenly falling to the ground in a pool of blood, hit by a stray bullet. If not, having an eye injury because of some irresponsible person throwing a "piccolo" without regard for their neighbors or passersby.

"Most of those affected were children aged 1-10 year old," a DOH official revealed although at the same time, it was also reported that there was a slight decrease in the number of children affected.

It makes us think why not ban these known illegal bomb-like noisy firecrackers and instead limit the sale to those aerial fireworks that color the sky like that used by hotels and big establishments during celebrations?

It's not only the damage to one's extremities and important body parts, there is also the potential damage to property.

It seems that in recent days, incidence of fire hitting establishments and residential areas are on the rise.

In Metro Manila alone, there were 20 fires that hit the metropolis on New Year itself and most of them were attributed to stray firecrackers.

From stray firecrackers, let's shift to stray bullets.

Stray bullets...Why oh why? Do we really need to use our guns to celebrate the coming year? Manila Bulletin reports, "In Taguig, a woman was killed shortly after midnight after a stray bullet hit her while celebrating the coming New Year with her family."

It is the same story each year. When will we learn?

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