Saturday, June 5, 2010

CVGH Held Successful Postgrad Course as Lakers win

Yesterday was the culmination of a two day activity hosted by the Cebu Institute of Medicine and Cebu Velez General Hospital (CVGH) Department of Family and Community Medicine held at the Grand Convention Center in Cebu City.

The event was well attended with particpants coming as far as Zamboanga and as near as Ramos street.

I was the assigned moderator for the afternoon sessions yesterday. And since this is my first time as a moderator, I have to come in the morning to secretly observe other moderators as to how they did their jobs.

I was particularly scared (Was it obvious?) because I was told that I should also fire the first question in the open forum if nobody asks a question and one of the topics was on neurology and the speaker was my teacher back in medical school. It was indeed my first "public" appearance.

Good thing the other speakers were my classmates.

I had to do a "big" sacrifice really... Going there meant missing Game 1 of the NBA Finals but the Lakers won so good thing I missed the game. hehe.

Anyway, the topics in the postgraduate course were interesting. To name a few, the course had neuropathic pain, diabetes education and nutrition, GERD and yesterday it had pneumonia updates and proton pump inhibitors to name a few.

I would like to congratulate Dr. Thelma Fernandez, Dr. Cebrecus and Dr. Gravador for holding a successful event. Of course, the same goes to the residents of the Family Medicine Department and the other behind-the-scenes people. (Wait!I am sounding like a moderator giving out the certificate of appreciation).

I suggest for the next year maybe invite speakers form the public health sector, the government health officers and have topics on preventive medicine or public health to help in the campaign of the programs of the DOH.