Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Blog's Posts Have Been Copied Without My Permission

 CebuMD original blog post

Have you experienced having your blog's contents hijacked in full by another site?

 Blog that copied my blog's contents

I know that there are other sites that publish your contents but they exclude pictures and they place links back to your site plus attribute you as the author. These sites publish your blog with your consent and this may occur during various blog directory submissions.

I was surprised however to see a certain blog which uses my blog and other blog's entire contents and mix them together in a blog which may be earning from Adsense since Google Adsense ads are present. This is copyright infringement right? Want me to give proof?

In google search, type "cebu physicians and photography" and click on the no. 1 search result which is also a blog. This blog showing up first with the same contents as mine is NOT my blog. Notice that the said impostor blogpost is exactly the same as my previous post at .

I may not be good at SEO yet but the point is that blog is stealing my content, in effect my identity.

The same blog also copied the rest of my other posts. And the blogger for that site is copying other blog's contents as well. Case in point, this original blog at . Type the first few sentences of this blog in search and the same blog who copied my blog contents will also come out in the search result having the same contents as the energizer night race original post.

In making this post also, I am trying to see if that aforementioned copycat blog will be also copying this post.

I am planning to complain against the misbehaving blog to Google and Google Adsense for copyright infringement, what do you think?

So again I ask, did the same thing happened to you? What action did you take? How do you suggest I deal with the matter? Any advice is appreciated.

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