Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Photography and Cebu Physicians

Aside from running, Physicians in Cebu have a love affair with photography.

As a kid, I already know a doctor who was very fond of photography. Dr. Antonio Tautjo was our amily physician and when I have a check-up in his clinic years before I went to medical school, I already noticed the picture frames hanging on the walls of his clinic. He was taking pictures of his kids and photographing people appears to be his specialty.

I myself started my love affair with photography when I was invited by a surgeon, Dr. Mike Busa to join him and several other surgeons for a series of basic photography sessions with Ted Madamba. I instantly fell in love with photography. I find it relaxing. It gives me the opportunity to marvel at God and nature, and it provides me with a chance to express myself.

I may not have a DSLR camera. All I have is my reliable Canon Powershot A470 but that did not stop me to take some classes.

The picture of a mosquito above was my very first as a "photo enthusiast" taken before I started taking up lessons. I was studying dengue fever for my masteral class in Public Health Microbiology when I saw this mosquito hovering in my room. I did something to it and somehow I managed to somehow "preserve" it for a rare photo op. I placed it on top of my notes so one would appreciate the size of the letters and the mosquito. Does it look like Aedes?

Anyway, back to the lessons...On one session, we went out very early in the morning just to catch a sunrise by the sea in Compostela.

Even without a DSLR camera, I was quite proud to have taken this picture. Hopefully someday, I'll be able to afford a DSLR.

I know of many doctors who went into photography as a hobby.

One was my student, Dr. Norwin Detalla who has a website for his pictures at

There are many others from different specialties like Surgery, Pediatrics and many more. You can see the pictures that they take from their travels for example in their respective Facebook accounts.

As for me, I always take my camera with me. I take pictures for my blog, for my studies, for me and my wife's Facebook and for the fun of it. I even started volunteering to take pictures of my cousin's wedding. I love vacations even more because it allows me to snap pictures of beautiful places.

So c'mon, let's start taking some pics.