Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Long Wait is Over: HTC Concept Kiosk Now in Cebu

Ahem! This post is not about the beautiful ladies in the above photo but about the smartphones they are holding.

If you search for the best smartphones list, chances are the list includes an HTC product.

Finally, the HTC products are now available in Cebu. They can be viewed at the 1st HTC Concept Store (which is actually more of an open kiosk) found in SM City Cebu Cyberzone. Below is how the kiosk looks like which also acts as a Support Center.

Take your pick...

How I wish I have one because of the good reviews I read about HTC Sensation for exmple. Anyway, if you want to buy one, you can avail of a zero percent interest in 6 months  payment scheme using your credit card....and you need not go far.

HTC Concept Kiosk is found near the Aerophone store in SM City Cebu Cyberzone.

Below are the men behind bringing HTC in Cebu....

 Don't expect though to still have these ladies below when you visit the store next time.