Saturday, June 15, 2013

Superman is Back! Man of Steel Review

There have been several versions of Superman in TV and film and seeing the trailers for this one, I initially feared that this movie might all be drama with much less action.

I was proven wrong. This Superman film proved to be the most action-packed. Some may say the scenes are OA but this is exactly the Superman I was looking for. Think Justice League animation fighting scenes coming to life in the big screen. Or imagine the Dragon Ball's Son Goku versus Vegeta fighting scenes except you have Superman and General Zod slugging it out. Picture the Hulk smashing his adversaries destroying buildings in the process except you have Superman doing it here. When you have Zach Snyder on board I guess this is expected.

However if in 300 and Watchmen Snyder employs slow motion closeups in his fight scenes, you have in Man of Steel the opposite. The action scenes reminds me of the Matrix except there is more destruction in this one and the speed is just crazy to make you appreciate the power, strength and speed of the characters.

The film is start-studded with Russel Crowe (as Jor-el, Superman's biological dad), Kevin Costner (as Jonathan Kent, Superman's father on Earth), Diane Lane (as Martha Kent, Superman's mother on Earth), Lawrence Fishburne (as a re-imagined Perry White) and Amy Adams (as a non-brunette Lois Lane). These actors did not disappoint with their performances. With a script, storyline and approach quite different from the previous Superman films, the film provides some heart (the human part) amidst the special effects-laden latter half of the film (the Super part) and the Nolan touch was evident.

After watching Terrence Stamp's General Zod in the previous years, I thought it will be difficult for another actor to successfully play it but Michael Shannon also nailed it.

Henry Cavill did not fail us either with his convincing portrayal. He deserved to be the modern Superman, with the right build, look and expressions.  So much so that like Christopher Reeve, I think there will be many sequels with him as Superman after this one.

I have to admit, I was waiting to hear the original Superman theme by John Williams but the film succeeded in putting up a credible new soundtrack for this one.

The film also had that Independence Day or an alien movie feel with the costumes and spaceships in it.

I don't want to give out some spoilers so I refrained from discussing the plot. All I can say is there are very clear differences in this Superman from the previous Superman films. The story is a little different. The environment is different. Lois Lane is different. Perry White is different. Even Jimmy Olsen is replaced by a Jenny. Clark Kent is also different. You may or may not like it.

As for me, I liked it. Even more than Iron Man 3. Superman and DC is back in the game. Bring on the Justice League movie I say.