Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time to Pay Attention to HAIs

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Healthcare-associated infections or HAIs are infections that patients acquire during the course of receiving healthcare treatment for other conditions.

They can be deadly and economically-devastating. But they can be prevented.

One way is via practicing hand hygiene in healthcare settings and good healthcare infection control.

The true state of HAIs in the Philippines is not yet really known. Only a few studies regarding this in the country were made.

HAIs are not only a concern among developing countries.

The United States too is concerned about HAIs. Watchdog agencies are campaigning hard for preventing this problem from spreading.

Kimberly-Clark is among those spearheading efforts to solve the problem of HAIs. They are giving out awards in recognition of healthcare facilities who are making a difference in preventing HAIs.

Through their website, they provide resources for healthcare facilities or individuals to make HAI Commitment Posters and other HAI-prevention efforts.

You can join them in their "Not On My Watch" HAI Prevention Campaign by paying them a visit online and participate in the HAI Education Program for instance which include continuing education-accredited programs.

Let us not way for HAIs to happen to our loved ones and ourselves.