Sunday, July 18, 2010

Diarrhea equals Bathroom Dance (Bad Romance Spoof)

Let's take a break from serious medical stuff. I just find this video circulating in YouTube made by famous Philippine comedian Michael V for the GMA7 TV program "Bubble Gang" entertaining. Michael V is really good at what he does including making spoofs of famous music videos and TV commercials or advertisements.

The music video is a spoof of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" entitled "Bathroom Dance" (Restroom Dance) to make it sound like Bad Romance. It is in Tagalog or Filipino but when you listen to it, it sounds similar to the original song.

For non-Filipino readers, the first part of the song translates to: "Ooooh! Makes Me Wanna Do the Bathroom Dance". (2x) Some parts of the song are translated as follows...

There it is! It's coming out! Idiot! It's getting worse...I'm like an old man.
Something happened that's frustrating. I think I ate spoiled food. I'm experiencing cramping pain...

Part of the Chorus: Biting my lips, curling in pain...that it makes me wanna do the bathroom dance...

Actually, translating Filipino to English is difficult as there are no exact English equivalents for some Tagalog or Filipino words. But from the video, one can tell what Michael V is talking about.

Seriously, one has to make sure food is freshly-cooked and freshly-prepared to avoid the "Bathroom Dance"or worse, end up in a hospital.

Food left in the open for hours even if re-heated may still result to food poisoning by multiplication of harmful organisms or by production by bacteria of toxins which are left in the food even if the organisms are eventually killed.

For now, just enjoy the video and maybe do the Bathroom Dance.