Friday, May 14, 2010

Be Included in the CebuMD's Directory of Doctors in Cebu

Are you a physician practicing in Cebu? Then you came to the right place.

If you want your name to be included in this blog's directory, just go to the Contact Me page and send me a note or message of request to have your name included in my directory page which I will put up soon.

While in the Contact Me page, fill-up the corresponding fields of the form with the appropriate information (name and email). Then, in filling up the message box, just give the following information (following the format below):
First name Last name, MD
Specialty or subspecialty
Clinic venue/s within Cebu, room no./s
Clinic Schedule
telephone no. (optional)

In return, I will just ask for a small favor especially if you have a webpage or a blog ---a link back to this main blog's url which is

Feel free to explore the blog's contents in the future too.

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