Friday, May 29, 2020

Addressing COVID-19-related stigma and discrimination

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the best and also the worst among people.  Talking about worst, discrimination and stigma against certain groups have been observed locally and globally with some of the cases ending up in the news. As mentioned by the UN Secretary General, "... the instability and fear that the pandemic engenders is exacerbating existing human rights concerns, such as discrimination against certain groups. 

Among the discriminated groups are healthcare workers.

COVID-19 motivated stigma and discrimination has now become a hot issue that needs to be addressed.

For this weekend's tweetchat (May 309 PM Philippine time), we shall discuss the following:

T1. Can you give actual example/s of discrimination or stigma by you or other persons related to COVID-  19?

T2. What could be the reason why COVID-19-related stigma and discrimination happens?

T3. What could we do to stop COVID-19-related stigma and discrimination?

We invite everyone to participate in this relevant online conversation. Do not forget to include the hashtag #HealthXPh in your tweets for this discussion.

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